Hi! I am Uzair. An average person with some extraordinary experiences.


First and foremost I am not a practitioner or a doctor.
I am just a normal person with extraordinary experiences. There was a time in my life when I was in crisis and my life was in shambles. Suicidal thoughts accompanied me on a regular basis. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Severe Depression. I was also on medication for years. Thankfully now I don't need them anymore.

I am a successful businessman. I have expertise in a variety of topics. I am an obsessed reader. I write articles and blogs. I love working out and enjoy various physical activities. I have traveled to some beautiful places in the world. Over time I have developed some hobbies as well like: watch collecting, fragrances, gemstones, and sketching.

I had a journey. That is why I have a story to tell.

In order to get out of my misery. I did tons of research. Read hundreds of books. Consulted numerous doctors. Joined different communities for mental health. I gained a lot of experience and learned amazing things which I used myself to make my life better.

Now. I have chosen writing as the medium to deliver my message, to discuss with people, understand what they are going through, guide them with my experience, and provide them with the best advice possible. Advice and therapy that might work like verbal medication. Ideas that might inspire you. Habits that might groom you. Tips, so you can get out of the rut and reach your full potential in life.

This age of social media has given us this amazing opportunity to connect with people across the globe. I want to use utilize this opportunity and help as many people as possible.

"Knowing your own darkness is the best method
of dealing with the darkness of other people"

Carl Jung

Just know. I am just a click away.

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2023

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