Thomas A. Piperis, MBA, MEng., Certified (AC) Performance & Career Coach, has a 22 year experience in the field of communications, research, technology foresight and marketing.
He studied Computer Science with specialization in Biomedicine and Biomedical Engineering
, followed by an MBA in Communication from the City of London, UK** and an EU certification for Licenced Systemic Coaching (AC, UK). He has attended numerous specialist courses on personal growth, stress management, self-hypnosis, personal development, cognitive models of therapy, performance, life and change coaching.
**Since 2000 he has helped hundreds re-orientate their career in the face of economic crisis or health chalenges.
Drawing from his life and work in 7 different counties across continents, Thomas distills his personal and business growth experiences from a Corporate insider's standpoint. **
A few years ago, Thomas was diagnosed with stage III Brain Cancer and started fighting the mother of all Battles. Today he is strong as ever and coaches and mentors people who need clarity and motivation to move on with their life and career, no matter their circumstances. **
He is founder and lead instructor of DDST - DataDrivenStoryTeller.com coaching practice, the first of its kind in all of the EU to build a knowledge base and systemic tools of coaching upon Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
He is a husband, a father, a brother and a simple person who gains fulfillment from watching individuals - and companies, gain momentum and break walls and disrupt conventional thinking in the way to success, in life and business.
He writes on Medium and Linkedin, and he is recognized as a thought leader with many published articles and a 16.000 strong base of followers and supporters on and off-line.

My moto in life is: "What Brought You Here, Won't Take You There". I live by this and walk my talk as best I can!

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2023

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