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Mira Svilenova

I am an Honours Communications major and support people through spiritual and emotional guidance on their journey for healing and happiness. Serving others is my life purpose. My holistic practice helps people to confidently walk on their awakening path by identifying obstacles to happiness and success. I look forward to witnessing your spiritual transformation through love and communication.
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About Mira Svilenova

I am an Honours Communications major and support people through spiritual and emotional guidance on their journey for healing and happiness. Serving others is my life purpose.

My holistic practice helps people to confidently walk on their awakening path by identifying obstacles to happiness and success.

I look forward to witnessing your spiritual transformation through love and communication.

On Core Spirit since January 2023
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Mira Svilenova
Believe In The Force Or Not

Spiritual Support and Belief More Important Than Ever

I had a dream last night, seeing myself as a colourful particle of an entire moving picture that covered the planet. An ocean of colours and movements formed by all the peoples of the world and everything else in the totality of existence. I floated into a flat yet substantial mass of emotions and forms, like a puzzle in slow motion pulling pieces to it, and I felt at home.

There was a string of sadness by letting go of my individuality, and a warmer feeling of wholeness came. I am attached to the larger existence!

I woke up and felt the wholeness still present. My comprehension was beyond my understanding and yet imprinted on my soul. My Self was different, almost absent, yet connected.

I believe in the Force/ Energy. That was my conclusion after a lifetime of searching for it and finding it in a dream.

I didn't have to find it. I had to believe in it. Now I had to write about it at least. It is an exciting topic!

Called by the wisdom of my favourite Mr C. Jung I randomly opened The Essential Jung Selected Writings by Antony Storr on page 243, and this is what came up:

"In the same way that the State has caught the individual, the individual imagines that he has caught the psyche and hold her in the hollow of his hand. He is even making a science of her in the absurd supposition that the intellect, which is but a part and a function of the psyche, is sufficient to comprehend the much greater whole. In reality, the psyche is the mother and the maker, the subject and even the possibility of consciousness itself. It reaches so far beyond the boundaries of consciousness that the latter could easily be compared to an island in the ocean."

Isn't it ironic (as the talented Alanis Morissette once sang) that probably more people accept and believe in Lucas' Force dressed in intergalactic amusement than the existence of it in their reality, as Jung describes it?

I am a huge visionary fan who admires any artistic soul that dares to dream and create beyond the mundane entrapment of imagination. Rewatching Star Wars, Star Trek and other iconic movies from that time, with more spiritual and artistic inclinations, has given me a glimpse of how the Force embraced the characters with ease. I stopped focusing on the fights and looked inside the art, like a human artist seeing a human artist, without knowing the fame, fans and fantasies. I saw creatures struggling with their inner beliefs and inter-soul relationships.

The social infatuation with the distant future and what it holds for us distracts us from the true message and current times. It is the human relations and belief systems that make the characters enchanting.

Do we all struggle with belief?

I struggled to fully comprehend the belief part in my movie, not to mention others. Religious dogma never appealed to me. It was always too judgy and scary and seemed exclusive and biased (in a simplified version). Organized religion seemed too punitive to what it offered in return as spiritual growth. It felt like a polished contradiction without an end, yet it always ended with because I said so mentality. This type of spiritual conversation didn't click with my heart.

Gustave Dore, from Dante AlighieriStanislav Grof, whom I deeply admire for his contribution to humanity, introduced transpersonal psychology and non-ordinary states of consciousness to us. He often speaks to the fact that there is much to be desired from the psychology department as a scientific body. Even for the concepts we do understand, the esteemed community lacks agreement. Unlike in chemistry, where two elements interact, and a reaction is produced and known, the psyche department is not a calculated reaction of elements.

The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology.
~ Stanislav Grof

The lack of an organized structure makes it harder for people to believe in the existence of Energy and its correlation to our psychological and emotional states and selves. The evolution of culture and traditions and the failure to preserve such make people root-less and un-creative.

Despite the challenges and gloomy reality from above, more than ever before, spiritual awakening is on the rise!

It means that there is a subconscious pull that we are collectively feeling. It has been restrained for a long time. We have been taught how to think, create and believe. The times are calling for letting go of the old and welcoming the new, where we believe that we are connected and supported, loved, appreciated and understood. We mustn't look to prove to the mind, touch and ensure the hands feel it is real. We must learn to believe with the heart.
It is not smooth trekking, but it is fun.

Suffering shakes our focus and determination. It brings us down into depressive states of numbing consumption and conformity. Sages call these low vibrations. When many people vibrate low, it is a gloomy feel all around us. Such states hypnotize us with feelings, but they are not raw transformative emotions. They are placeholders for the mind.

The neverending road of existence and overwhelming resources could blind the mind, but the heart knows. The heart knows we are all connected and part of the same. It wants to feel, not be proven. Once you allow yourself to believe, even for a short period, your vibrations are raised, and the ocean is feeling it. Then other people feel it, and a wave of belief is suddenly sweeping the old.

Moving away from the "wars" and "trekking" and focusing on feeling and believing, we shift the Force/ Energy to support a beautiful and balanced existence. And if you still need proof, read/ listen to Carl Jung's and Stanislav Grof's works.

Upwards and inwards to believing we must go!

I assume that all modern people of their times had the darkness of existence dangling over their daily lives, yet you and I, the fruits of the past trees, are here. In that regard, the comfort is that our soul and physical ancestors are truly one with us, like an ocean formed by an unexplainable force. We are not alone in our search.
If I were Yoda, I would say, "Believe in the Force or not", but do not waste energy to prove the belief.

(I prefer calling the unexplainable, cosmic and pure magic of the World Energy, which is where I shift my lingo).

The key is not to force the understanding, to accept the existence and our connectedness.

Our genetic memories may not be visually revealing in our psyche, but they move our cells along with those of all else. DNA and existence are undeniable.
Our world is a miracle of organized chaos, where the good, the evil, the ugly and the Energy make up a beautiful ocean of existence.

Knowing why and how may only cloud the mind, as it did with Anakin ;). Don't be like Anakin; believe in yourself and your connectedness to all that surrounds you, even if it is not structured, documented and peer-reviewed.

I believe in you! May the Energy make you whole. Sending ❤️

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