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My biggest expression of love in this world is my ability to show up for myself and others. As an Intuitive Channel I enjoy supporting the creative energies of change and expansion in people’s lives. My practice at Butterfly Creations is dedicated to encouraging and equipping people to celebrate their uniqueness and the experiences of their choices, growth, and worthiness.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

Practitioner Reviews

Tarot Reading
$60 USD
Next Step Readings

Wondering what your next step is on your journey? Looking for specific guidance around career, relationships or life in general? This Intuitive Channeling session will seek to provide your next steps, as well as support through perspectives, expansion of …

Angela Maroosis
Ancestral Reading
$60 USD
Messages from the Ancestors

Alive within our hearts, our souls, and our DNA, the blessings and the wisdom of our Ancestor’s can never be lost. By tapping into the love of the Ancestors’ Collective, I channel their timeless messages of healing, purpose, miracles, love, care, and acc…

Angela Maroosis
$60 USD
Akashic Records Reading

Every living thing has a purpose! For some the purpose seems simply at first glance but upon further reflection one can start see more depth and expansiveness.

The path of purpose has depth and many moving parts. This path is about your wholeness, your w…

Angela Maroosis
Near-Death Experiences (NDE)
$90 USD
coaching session
Near Death Experience Coaching Sessions

Have you had a near-death experience or do you have questions about witnessing someone else’s experience? Death is a fundamental part of every journey. However, for others and myself, it became a gateway to a Journey of Self-Discovery. I have come to see …

Angela Maroosis
Angel Healing
$60 USD
healing session
Angel Healing Messages & Guidance

This is a 45 minute personal reading of messages and guidance for you from your Archangels, Angels and Spirit Team. As an intuitive Channel I read all cards intuitively. For me it is the visual cues on the cards that tap into my intuition and ignite the f…

Angela Maroosis

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What is an akashic record reading?
Your 12 (or more) aspects will reveal your deepest inner knowing to you. This is an exciting connection.These aspects of your soul will bring forward knowledge to help with issues such as, lack of self-esteem, addictions, finding your mission, recurring negative thoughts. Look at energy not serving you via your internal life coach.

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Positive Results By Restoring Individual Wholeness And Healthy Relationships. Proficient supporting Couple dealing with Difficult Relationships, Trauma, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Separation, Divorce, and Depression. Jeremiah is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, and National Vice President of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA).

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Life Avenue Coaching is a professional network of life coaches providing services for Adults, Teens and Children. Our life coach specializations include NLP, CBT, life and work balance, education/skill review, goal planning, time management, mindfulness, self-care, self-confidence, socialization, and communication, all of which bring an indepth experience in each coaching session.

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Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.