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Rune Reading
$35 USD
Runic spells

As a practitioner of runic art and mysticism, I can create a spell just for you, for your problem.

You can have it in two ways, that’s up to you:

1. Custom individual bindrune

2. Runic spell based on ancient germanic traditions

I can create a bindrune just for you. All projects are individual and I never made two the same bindrunes. But hey, what is a bindrune? It’s a magical symbol made of more than one rune. In our germanic traditions, we believe our fate is something you can weave and bind to your will, just like the fabric. Binding runes into one can affect your surroudings and your own fate. The project I will provide you is based 100% on your individual needs and will work only for you and only for your problem. I will not only choose runes and bind them for you in a proper manner, I will also guide you on how to use the bindrune and its all potential.

For runic spells, I base them on ancient runic stones. I studied hundreds of them and with all confidence I can tell you, that I can make a runic spell the way it would have been done thousands years ago. These spells I write usually in Old Norse language, sometimes I go for Proto-Norse or Proto-Germanic. What kind of spells do I make? All sorts. Usually fertility, power, love and financial aid. Most of my spells are based on calling the power of particular god/goddess, so if you’re a non believer, let me know, we’ll think of something different. The same as for bindrunes, I will guide you on how to use the spell and unlock its full potential.

Kaka Kuka
Tarot Reading
$20 USD
Tarot cards reading

Do you feel like you’re somehow lost in your life? Things are happening around you but you still don’t understand what’s going on?

Don’t worry, we all feel like this sometimes.

That’s why I’d love to offer you a tarot cards reading that can guide you in your life.

I mainly specialize in relations readings, but I also can lay my cards for things like: finances, career, health (spiritual&physical), love, decision making, past lives, karmic debts and whatever comes into your mind.

I set the duration to 60 min but I don’t really stick with that timing since most of my readings I provide online. I can write them down and send you, or if you want we can have a call via zoom. It’s totally up to you, I’m fine with both ways!

One session is usually up to 5 questions.

Disclaimer: I don’t read for pregnant women.

Kaka Kuka
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