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Beings Of Light
Angel Healing
Psychic surgery

my name is Anton Rodriguez i am the owner of beings of light organisation for spiritual teaching reiki services , unication and group community which is coming to our website soon. i am a spiritual ability master and angel reiki master with level 1-4 experience. i have many services for distant healings, item and home enchantments readings , manifestations and much more

Shakti Therapy & Healing Services
Spiritual Healing
Positive Psychology

As YOUR Ketamine Assisted Therapist, I am committed to helping you discover your inner power & cultivate change. How do you to face difficult questions, show courage & claim your Shakti to heal? Healing begins with love. Let’s work on being in love with yourself. You have been through a lot. And you are showing resilience. Contact me to feel empowered. TOGETHER we can help YOU thrive!

Emotional well being helpline
Abnormal Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
Personality Psychology

We are here for you to lend you an empathetic, non judgemental ear to anyone and everyone who would love to vent or talk about any of the problems they are facing .. a safe space for tele counselling and online platform services.

New Age Guild
Nutritional Therapy
Angel Healing
Herbal therapy

I information directory for holistic and psychic practitioners. You will see many practitioners and we work hard to make sure all our practitioners have a valid presence in the community. We work to give you access to a large variety of practitioners, information and resources for the new age enthusiast.