Trevor Yeremiah Carter

Welcome to my profile! I am totally passionate, committed to empowering and helping professionals and sports men change their mindsets, and building confidence to live the healthiest lives you can naturally. I am so excited about learning and working with you!
Practitioner Services
As professionals and sportsmen, fathers, etc, we spend our days rushing from one task to another at work and home only to drop into our beds at midnight, completely exhausted. Our society has changed a great deal since our parents were in their prime. Today we are addicted to speed, pressures of status in sports, taking care of not only our children, but also our aging parent, and work as many hours as possible to keep ahead of the Jones’ Have you ever stopped to wonder if this is the way you want to live? We somehow find it easier to make time for other people’s needs than we do our own. In this coaching session learn 'Why is putting our own needs first so vital to health, happiness, and success?