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We are an international center for the practice of Medical Heilkunst and Romantic Science Healthcare. Alternative medicine, Heilkunst homeopathy, Dynamic nutrition and regimen, Bioresonance assessment and treatment, Movement therapy, and Counselling. Causality-based treatment, safe, non-toxic remedies for a wide range of disease conditions
Practitioner Services
Integration Movement Dynamic Activation/Support Specific attention to movement through various exercises can speed up healing and integration. Working with the polarity of formative forces and growth forces Improve health through all that has to do with the etheric movement in Speech Harmonizing and Healing by improving the metabolic activities ​ Working out of the polarity between Light and Dark, Integration Healing Movement sequences engage the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, perceptive hearing as well as life, balance, inner movement, warmth, speech/tone, thought, and the sense of the other "I". The therapeutic movement sequencesare exercises for enlivening the soul forces, are developed from eurythmy movement, integrating dynamic physiology to support healthy development and aim to improve: breathing, alignment, posture the senses of self and other the sense of space relation to others directing movement from within perceptive hearing, speech formation, and aural and body communication clarity of thinking, objective feeling, and warmth of will force Children, as well as adults, become more "inside" their own body more aware of their inner and outer movement and actions more content to live and work here on earth Ethical development of self and health are united in the whole human being. The movement sequences will be carefully selected based on the individual developmental and health needs. They will be taught in clear steps (for a child usually with a caregiver) so they can be practiced regularly.
Removing Traumas and Hidden Blockages - the Heilkunst Approach based on Romantic Science Dynamic Medicine identifies hidden blockages that have resulted mostly from past traumas. These blockages can involve physical and emotional traumas, iatrogenic diseases (drugs, vaccinations), and inherited disease conditions. These are treated sequentially according to natural law principles using our clinically-proven method called Heilkunst. Bioresonance analysis and treatment are used during sequential treatment in otherwise hidden, complex blockages that arise. Treatment for any acute condition is always addressed first, before commencing the deeper, more systematic sequential treatment.