Heather Parker

Beautiful NEW Day! My name is Heather Parker. I am a Relationship Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Seer & Heart Chakra Specialist! I have been practicing Reiki for more than 4 years. I am attuned in Reiki I, II & III. (Trained by Jessica Miller & Brooke Roman) I work with you to balance your energy, to relax, & to clear negative energy from your system.
Practitioner Services
Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that supports your body's innate ability to heal by the transference or channeling of Life Force Energy from Source, through the hands to you. Reiki goes exactly where you need it to be, whether in your physical body or your subtle bodies. A remote session with me includes a brief check-in, an energy scan, then the Reiki. My Reiki Bear holds space for you. At the end of the session we have a few minutes to share. I will email you with notes within 72 hours of your session.
My Love Readings are a lot of fun. I utilize your Natal Chart to help you understand your "Self" better. Why? because, self-knowledge is POWER! I find that so many of us aren't well acquainted with the many facets that make us special (how we think, why we give the way we do, how we communicate, etc.) Understanding our planetary placements gives us a good look into why we do what we do the way that we do! You also get a card pull where we will confirm the energy of where you are and where you are headed. We end with an energy clearing/healing session. The Love Reading is recorded. Your job is to relax into your soul knowing, while we activate your subtle bodies.
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