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I am a Spiritual Teacher, Archangel Metatron Channel and Ascension Guide with over 20 years experience in Ascension dynamics. Assisting those on their path of enlightenment and wish to experience all that they are through the true light of Source. I offer Ascension Mentoring, Light Counselling, Lightworker Training, Attunement & Transformational Coaching sessions. Accredited Training Foundation.
On Core Spirit since April 5
Quantum Physics
coaching session
Source Light Attunement
The Source Light Attunement (SLA) is the initial experience of the vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings. It has helped many to align to their true soul path. Aligning with your soul blueprint. There may be vibrational and transformational changes ...
Angel Healing
Light Counsel Session
Hi, my name is Tammy Majchrzak. As a Spiritual spiritual Teacher and Ascension Mentor, I assist those who are on their path of awakening. I run a global approved and accredited lightworker training foundation. I work through the light of Archangel Metatron to assist the lig...
Metatronia Monthly Ascension Portal
Join our Ascension portal where we meet once a month on Zoom to discuss all aspects of Ascension, vibrational alignment, and awakening. Sessions are recorded. You have the choice to join in live by video, audio or as a silent participant. This is an opportunity for you to seek...
Metatronia Healer Level 1 Practitioner Attunement
Metatronia Energy Healer Attunement contains all that is required to begin your MT Lightworker and energy practitioner journey. Including digital materials, forms, Workbook and distant Attunement. You have the option to show your details on our Practitioner register at www.mtf...
Source Energy Realignment Session
Experience a distant vibrational energy connection and alignment session. These sessions alert the vessel to the deep and profound connection we have to Source. We set up a suitable date and time for the session by you just lie down for up to 1 hour. Simple and magnificent lig...
Distance Healing
Distant Healing & Vibrational Alignment Session
The distant healing & vibrational alignment session lasts for up to 1 hour and the integration and benefits continue after the initial session. Feedback is given within a few days after the session and will be sent by email. You are asked to drink plenty of water leading up ...
Distance Healing
Metatronia Healer and Master Attuner Practitioner Attunement ...
This package includes Healer Level I and Master level II Practitioner Attunements. The Attunements will be done distantly. You can choose to have these Attunements for your own ascension journey and/or to work as a light practitioner. The energy enhances modalities you a...
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