Jennifer Keck

Hi there, it brings me great joy to share the precious healing of Reiki to enhance the quality of life of people, animals and environment. I am a full time practicing Reiki Master providing sessions hands-on in person, distant healing to you anywhere in the world, and teach classes in person in many cities. Contact me today and see how Reiki can assist your healing needs.
Practitioner Services
30612 Longview Ln E, Coarsegold, CA 93614, USA
Hands-on in person or distant healing sessions are unique and equally beneficial in creating wholeness and balance of the mind, body and spirit. Positive nourishing life-force energy begins flowing freely into every part of our being. Each session lasts an hour and continues to unblock and integrate new energy levels pertaining to the pain source or issue to a particular physical area, emotional memory or thought pattern, where the healing priority is required. The number and frequencies of treatments vary on the individuals healing needs of a specific health condition or regular health maintenance program for adults, children, animals or situations. Reiki gives the body the energy it needs to reawaken the senses and heal itself.
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