Sara Ellenbogen

Sara Ellenbogen is a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her publications include Wittgenstein's Account of Truth, short-listed for the Canadian Philosophical Association Book Prize, and several articles including "Wittgenstein and Philosophical Counseling," "Against the Diagnosis of Evil: A Response to M. Scott Peck," and "On the Link Between Frege's Platonic-Realist Semantics and his Doctrine of Private Senses." She is also an editor for The Philosopher's Index and an APPA certified philosophical counselor.
Practitioner Services
84 Grant St, Somerville, MA 02145, USA
Philosophical counseling is an alternative therapy in which the counselor and client examine the client's reasoning about his or her problems. Often we live by unexamined assumptions that we are unaware of making. These assumptions can keep us stuck by preventing inquiry into alternative perspectives. Identifying and critically examining our assumptions can enable us to choose more consciously and live more confidently. My role is help you to identify the path that you want to pursue and to support you as you pursue it. I subscribe to the philosophy that a counselor is not a constructive critic but rather a guide who awakens in the client the capacity to philosophize for him or herself. My goal is to teach my clients the philosophical skills they need to solve future problems on their own.