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I am a Reiki Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher & Energy Healing expert. I own and manage Silver Ray Healing Therapies, based in East London and Bishops Stortford (Herts).
I provide 1:1 therapy sessions as well as Reiki training and other workshops. Spiritual awareness & personal development are central to all of these.
I teach Reiki from absolute beginners to Master-Teacher level. I also run Meditation and Mindfulness Classes. By teaching students how to manage their energy and state of mind, I am able to help them achieve a better quality of life.
Working 1:1, I help clients to work through stress, anxiety, depression and major life challenges. I specialise in energetic healing and release using
• Reiki
• Sekhem
• Psychic Surgery
• Theta Healing™
I combine healing, coaching, positive psychology and intuitive insights to provide highly effective 1:1 sessions that empower clients and bring about significant life changes.
My specialist areas of interest are:
• Men’s Mental Health
• Trauma Recovery / Post-Traumatic Growth
• Spiritual Crisis / Emergence

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