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Performing artists deserve more than the status quo. We’ve crafted a safe space of health, wellness, and recovery for dancers, musicians, vocalists, and anyone who calls theater “home” so they can focus on their performance, pursue their passions, build the career of their dreams, and treat their bodies and minds well. Our mission is to empower performers to return to the stage better than ever.

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Taskeen Jamal
İstanbul, Turkey
Emotional Freedom Technique
Distance Healing

Hi, I’m Taskeen, I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and I support women to move from chaos to calm!

I've been a practitioner since 2008, when I was first introduced to BodyTalk and felt my whole life and perspective of health change.

I continue advanced studies in BodyTalk and keep my skills updated with other healing modalities so I can support my clients in a variety of ways.

Tony Dunne
121 Drumfinn Ave, Drumfinn, Dublin 10, D10 PW30, Ireland
Emotional Stress Release
Humanistic therapy
Shamanic Healing
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Tony is my name and I am committed to my clients. This commitment is what ensures that you the client gets an introduction to therapy / counselling that is a long-lasting, positive experience which ensures you are supported
in every step of your journey towards a more positive pathway in life..
I am an Accredited Psychotherapist, work in accordance with the code of ethics of the accredited bodies.

Ian Reid
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Family Psychology
Personal Development Coaching
Social Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology

I provide a uniquely safe, ethical, and confidential space dedicated to your relationships, for individuals and couples. Life has its ups and downs in relationships and right now you're feeling the pain.
I'm someone who's lived and worked in Switzerland and around the world for 20 years, with people just like you.
That's exactly what I'm here to support you with online, Swiss-wide and globally.

Jim Sharman
Tallinn, Estonia
Emotional Stress Release
Life Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Career Coaching

A passionate communicator, committed to working with those keen to progress personal and professional growth. What holds us back the most is our self-limiting beliefs; I work in the space that facilitates breakthrough and clarity. Trained in DISC, NLP, Psychosynthesis, Spiritual Psychology, Life and Mindfulness Coaching, and Traditional Reiki, I blend these skills to each client's needs.