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Dr Adrian Harris
Exeter, UK
Life Coaching
Humanistic therapy
Mindfulness meditation
Personal Development Coaching
Career Coaching

Dr Adrian Harris is an ecotherapist and Fusion® Certified Therapeutic Coach with over twenty years of meditation practice. His PhD explored embodied knowing and his MSc researched psychotherapy in nature. He occasionally works as a Psychedelic Facilitator at Synthesis Retreats. He has contributed to numerous books and academic journals. He is Lead Editor of
The European Journal of Ecopsychology.

Mentor Noel
Bensalem, PA 19020, USA
Spiritual Coaching
Life Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Personal Development Coaching

My name is Noel, as a mentor I dedicate myself with great enthusiasm and gratitude to the development of consciousness from a spiritual perspective, giving a deeper interpretation of the biblical message. My task is to build conscious and strong foundations directed towards our true desires. I wish that you discover who you really are so that you can manifest the experiences that you most desire.

Sam Rafoss
Calgary, AB, Canada
Loving Kindness Meditation
Spiritual Coaching
Wellness Coaching

Sam Rafoss is a Fowler International Academy Certified Professional Coach, trained in metaphysics, holistic nutrition, neuro-linguistic programming and Karuna Reiki. She is passionate about sobriety, holistic health, spiritual growth and self-mastery. Sam is the host of the Sober and Serene podcast on YouTube.

Gina Geremia
Colchester, UK
Life Coaching
Climate Change Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Sustainability Coaching

Elevate personal and workplace wellbeing.

Reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, make life changes and elevate your wellbeing with coaching, NLP and science backed natural techniques.

I am a highly trained practitioner with a BA in Psychology, accreditation in NLP, and certified as a Professional Coach (neuroscience, transactional analysis, mindfulness), DISC Assessor and Forest Therapist.