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A military veteran created this company to address the critical lack of knowledge about finances in the world. WayMaker Services helps improve financial and business knowledge in communities. We provide assitance with personal financial coaching and understanding how money works. If you need help with personal or business credit, business funding, or money knowledge we can help!.

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Moscow, Russia
Emotional Stress Release
Business Coaching
Career Coaching

I am an Executive and Leadership coach, PCC ICF. As a coach (with 20-years' experience in business on managerial positions) I help managers of different levels overcome crises, execute changes, improve communications, free up time for themselves. Our partnership enables them to improve business metrics, strengthen leadership, increase personal value, achieve goals in life and career.

Ebuka Nwafor
Lagos, Nigeria
Personal Development Coaching
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Ebuka has a bachelor's degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Abuja Nigeria. Upon graduation he got trained in client relationship management.
He has received multiple awards in the service industry. Currently he's a website writer for medium and has published over 70 Articles and Stories.
He has great expertise in creative writing.
And he's available for Freelance jobs.

Damian Clark
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Health Psychology
Advaita Vedanta
Personal Development Coaching
Kate Dobbins
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Intuitive Eating
Spiritual Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Personal Development Coaching

Kate is an intuitive personal, relationship, and business coach for neurodivergents. Through her lifetime of living heavily masked, she's battled with physical and mental health. Once she realized she is ADHD and autistic, all the struggles made sense. Since, she's been healing, unmasking, and learning how to support her needs in life & business. Now, she helps others do the same!

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