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Shakti Therapy & Healing Services


As YOUR Ketamine Assisted Therapist, I am committed to helping you discover your inner power & cultivate change. How do you to face difficult questions, show courage & claim your Shakti to heal? Healing begins with love. Let’s work on being in love with yourself. You have been through a lot. And you are showing resilience. Contact me to feel empowered. TOGETHER we can help YOU thrive!

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Lisa Salazar
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology

I transitioned in 2008, four months shy of 58. I had been a successful freelance graphic designer for 35 years. Five years into my transition, I went back to school and earned an MA in theology to train as a hospital chaplain. Today, i am employeed a Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner.

Mangie Jean
Georgia, USA
Life Coaching
Mindfulness meditation
Spiritual Healing
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology

Greetings! my name is Mangie Jean, I write to release ❤ I hope in some way or form my writing moves you.

Susan Okpani Evans
London, UK
Emotional Stress Release
Spiritual Healing
Crystal healing
Shamanic Healing
Music and Sound therapy

Hello my name is Susan Okpani Evans. My mission, as was my Nigerian and Welsh ancestors, is to be of service to those walking the journey back to self. So it is only right that I share with others the various energy healing modalities which I found beneficial for my mental health and well-being. I will hold up the light in order for you to see your shadow. Imbalances alchemised to wholeness.

Justyce Gould
United States
Spiritual Coaching
Humanistic therapy
Spiritual Healing
Free Writing

My name is Justyce Gould, and I currently serve in the Army National Guard, strongly devoted to my Christian beliefs. I have been a Christian blogger for 3 years now. I seek to answer life's questions by using the bible along with provide answers to the hard questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, and even ourselves as human beings.

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