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Shree Yoga Studios


Shree Yoga is an Anusara Yoga studio comprised of highly trained teachers offering an elegant system of biomechanical alignment. We have classes for all level of student from gentle, chair to rigorous level I/II as well as trainings and workshops. Our classes are offered online and in person so you can practice with us from anywhere in whatever way you are comfortable.

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Andrew W. Rubia
Nairobi, Kenya
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

I studied in Daystar University in Nairobi Kenya and received a degree in communication in November of 2020. During my time there I did 3 electives in psychology and attended a peer counselor training where I received a certificate. I have been dealing with my own severe depression for 4 years now and I have been sharing my journey from the numeros counseling and therapy sessions I have had. I share about faith and methods to work and live better.

Christina Novoa, M.Ed.
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Cognitive therapy
Spiritual Healing
Positive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology

Christina Novoa, M.Ed. is a secondary teacher, writer, and social justice advocate who writes about mental health, personal growth, and social justice

Robert L.
North Carolina, USA
Educational Psychology
Crystal healing
Evolutionary Psychology

Hi! i am intuitive, creative, and studious. if you are interested in spiritual developement and various topics related to it you may like my content.

if you are looking for perfect Grammer and punctuation, you might not, lol.

I personally believe religion and spirituality are two separate concepts. You may notice that I quote religiouse scriptures to bring about relatable topics from amongst many popular religion's. At other times I may use the tarot or oracle cards or be coming from spiritual downloads that I have or may recieve!

The higher divine order calls you to recieve messages from the light! However it is up to you to answer, or seek the answers to your souls evolution.

Last but not least! thank you for reading my bio!!

Shante Kumar
Sacramento, CA, USA
Emotional Freedom Technique
Life Coaching
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Spiritual Healing
Kundalini yoga

Shante Kumar is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach. She has facilitated workshops, seminars and trainings, with topics ranging from Finding Your Purpose to Money Consciousness & Abundance, throughout the Bay Area.

Shante Kumar began her nursing career graduating with her BSN and RN from the California State University, Sacramento. She immediately started working in stand-alone, in-patient psychiatric hospitals ('stand-alone' meaning they were not associated with, adjacent to, nor located with a medical hospital). During her time in the psychiatric hospitals Shante worked as a Unit Manager for the Child/Adolescent Unit (child= 5-11yo; adolescent 12-17 yo) and on the Adult Care Units (18-70+ yo). She obtained her MBA with a focus in Healthcare Administration that allowed her to gain the position of Nurse Manager. She then elected to work with the State of California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a Nurse Consultant for the Mental Health Nursing Division. 

Shante currently holds certifications as a Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor & EFT Practitioner. She also incorporates ancient healing modalities such as Gong Sound Baths, chakra healing, activations, etc. during patient sessions whenever the need, or request, arises. 

As a Spirituality & Mindset Coach , with over 20 years in psychiatric nursing, Shante's focus on spiritual health as a means to improve our physical, mental and emotional health is unique. She believes that in order to to enjoy increased energy, improved focus, and a greater self-confidence that permeates and improves every aspect of our lives, we must first cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection to Spirit.
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