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ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes was founded in 2018 when I noticed that many people were stuck in different phases of the awakening. I myself went through the awakening at the age of three. I am a blogger and writer with a passion for ascension, the awakening and guiding people so they can function productively.

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Melissa Salvador
Kariong NSW 2250, Australia
Ancestral Healing
Tarot Reading

I have studied and worked with Tarot for nearly 25 years now. I use my strong intuitive, clairaudient and claircognizant capabilites and my comprehensive knowledge of tarot symbolism to provide clear and accessible readings that empower my clients. Shadow work and helping people find the clarity they need in order to move forward in their chosen direction is at the core of the work I do.

Renae H
United Kingdom
Spiritual Healing

Hello, My name is Renae,
I write blog posts via medium to inspire people. I have spiritual practices that have helped me to heal and I will be sharing my journey with you to let you know that you are not alone.

If you are interested in free inspirational content you will find me on Medium @TheOpenJournal

I can't wait to connect with you all!

A.M. Harkey the Sender
Ocean Park, WA, USA
Spiritual Coaching
Public Speaking Coaching
Personal Development Coaching

A.M. Harkey the Sender is a philosopher promoting spiritual Transhumanism. She performed a full rite of Ascension. She is building the infrastructure of New Earth Philosophical School. Author: "A Traveler's Guide to Initiation" (Immanion 2016). Just out: a graphic novel "Where Did We Come From?: A Transhumanist Parable."

Ruby Flames
South Carolina, USA
Mindfulness meditation
Crystal healing
Third Eye Meditation

Welcome to My Page

I’m a Draconian sorceress** writing about the path of the dragon** working with the element of fire as well as, crystal magic, clarivoyance, meditation, astal world, dragons and working with the Higher Self. I mostly write articles about what I've learned on the path hopefully to inspire other people who are intrested in following this eclectic path.

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