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ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes was founded in 2018 when I noticed that many people were stuck in different phases of the awakening. I myself went through the awakening at the age of three. I am a blogger and writer with a passion for ascension, the awakening and guiding people so they can function productively.

On Core Spirit since February 16

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Princeton, NJ, USA
Ancestral Healing
Life Coaching
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)

A retired hospice nurse, veteran radio host, and inspired speaker, clairvoyant, healer, and spiritual teacher .
At age 50 I had a near-death/spiritual transformative experience , . I have helped families with grief counseling and understanding soul experiences, . My Soul Purpose is to use myspiritual, psychic, and healing energies and skills to help others .

John F. Doherty
Dublin, Ireland
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Healing

John has done a number of diplomas, degrees and master degrees in the areas of psychology, spirituality, miindfulness and ministry. He is a professional supervisor supporting people in the caring professions. He works as a spiritual counsellor and has studied and practiced in many religous, spiritual and psychological traditions and have a huge range of understanding and empathy for the work.

Karen Shanley
New York, USA
Life Coaching
Personal Development Coaching

Karen has been a student of the spiritual.This passion has taken her around the world in search of deeper answers, including serveral months spent in India on a mountaintop with a 117-year-old master. Her Inner Teacher showed up after an awakening event in her youth.

Karen has taught innumberable seminars and provided personal transformation coaching to thousands for over three decades.

Anouk Wiggers
Normastraat, 7323 Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Psychic surgery
Anthroposophical medicine
Tarot Reading
Personal Development Coaching

I'm certified in Innate Balancing Healing and life/succescoaching.

Innate Balancing Healing a simple yet effective way of clearing and connecting all energy bodies. This connection creates balance on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Restoring the natural flow.

I am also certified in mediumship, trance healing, Kundalini Reiki and Gold Reiki.