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My approach to therapy is a holistic one, catering to the needs of each client as everyone is different. I provide counselling to individuals, couples and families with emphasis on a Family Systems approach. The interventions I use can vary as I meet the clients’ needs, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory and Psychodynamic Therapy. Every step we take we will take it together.

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Shola Sodiya
United Kingdom
Developmental Psychology
Emotional Stress Release
Family Psychology
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

I have acheived an undergraduate degree in Counselling and Psychology along with a Coaching NPL in Personal Development. I undertake sessions with clients in a counselling and advisory support role. I have acheived creating core practices in working with young and adult groups provinding supportive measures in learning new skills and being creative within their own mindsets.

Adam, the Diabetic Cyborg
Longview, TX, USA
Life Coaching
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Muslim, Chronic Lyme Survivor, Optimist, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. w/ no class, and hopefully a giver of hope.

Paul Myers
5850 Town and Country Blvd suite 301, Frisco, TX 75034, USA
Cognitive therapy
Spiritual Healing
Cognitive Psychology
Child Psychology
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Counseling is my life's calling and I've had the privilege of helping over 10,000 people!
My name is Paul Myers (licensed professional counselor and owner of Intentional Counseling). I counsel from a faith based cognitive behavioral perspective to help you gain control over your thoughts and feelings. Nothing brings me more joy than to see my clients become happier, healthier people!
Lets talk!

Jass Malaney
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Jass Malaney is a Professional Coach, known for her caring & inspiring presence. Clients benefit from her global experience, a 360 degree view on elevating their leadership. She inspires you to be couragous and move beyond your comfort zone and in the process of empowering inner capabilities to fulfil your aspirations.

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