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Biologist; Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer : Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness Specialist, and Sport Performance Professional.

Mel here. I have thousands of hours in training experience - helping people get fit and building sustainable eating habits.

1-on-1 virtual workouts
Custom Meal Plans
After Care- Physical Therapy
Pain Management
Posture Dysfunction
Mobility Restoration

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Jack Zehler
Jupiter, FL, USA
Life Coaching
Paleo Diet

Jack Zehler is a life coach/personal trainer who believes that the best solution is the one that works. That typically comes from a mixture of traditional science and intuition. He has a varied education from mentors, certifications, texts and life experience. His goal is to get you thriving and feeling whole by getting you in alignement with your highest Self. Contact me with any questions!

Monika Paez
Miami, FL, USA
Functional medicine

I knew that I wanted to be so much more than a trainer. I didn't want to just tell a client to “do a squat and eat an apple". I wanted to make a difference in their lives.My exclusive program SMART Method is specifically designed to help bring your body back to health so you can feel yourself again, begin losing weight, start looking lean, get your energy back

Kristen Huber
710-19587 Seton Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2T5, Canada
Pranic Healing
Sports Medicine

Kristen entered the world of healthcare in 2019, after receiving a Kinesiology Degree and a certification in Athletic Therapy.
Over the years, Kristen has adopted manual therapy techniques including cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, dermoneuromodulation and more. Currently Kristen is working to complete training in Energy Healing to further quality of care for her clients.

Janže Otorepec
Ljubljana, Slovenia

I'm certified personal trainer, I'have already been working with over 200 different types of clients. I'm here to help you losing bodyfat, gaining muscle mass, improving overall health, mindset! I make personalized nutrition and training programs based on your goals, abilities, equipment!