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Body Insight empowers you to take control of your wellness. We help identify a compelling reason to change, clear goals, a plan to achieve them, and confidence that you can do it. We’ll discuss what optimal wellness looks like for you. When you come to us with a desire to change, we’ll make sure you leave knowing where you need to improve and have a clear path forward.

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Roy Smalley
Dodge County, WI, USA
Wellness Coaching

I'm passionate about fitness, wellness, and emergency responder health & safety, and have written on wellness and safety topics for multiple publications. I am presenting "Aging Well in the Fire Service" at two 2023 firefighting conferences.

I love what I do in my job as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, and what I do as a firefighter and a fire Health and Safety Officer.

Tania Lynne
Sanville, VA 24055, USA
Wellness Coaching
Weight Lifting
Leadership Coaching
Personal Development Coaching

Transforming Trauma into Super Powers. Living life, loving the journey!

Cranberry Kay
South Africa
Wellness Coaching

Cranberry The Health and Fitness Bun, has official training in the arts and commercial sciences having built a career in the Telecommunications industry. It was not being a technical programme manager however that got her ticking, it was taking a new leaf by beginning to focus on her health that really spearheaded the journey of being a health writer and fitness fanatic.

Dawid Diakowski
Pretoria, South Africa
Clean eating
Wellness Coaching
Weight Lifting

With a passion for physical activity and a drive to constantly improve, I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their fitness goals. From the first moment I stepped into a gym, I knew i found my calling and have since worked tirelessly to turn my passion into a successful career.

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