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C L Hewitt(Earth 2 You,inc)


2015 started my career track in Complementary Alternative Medicine at the Amercan College of Healthcare Sciences. I am highly focused on obtaining all the information in order to take the best care of my clients. We have a farm were we grow medicnal flowers and herbs.

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khabir Southwick
24974 Rock Bend Ln, San Antonio, TX 78260, USA
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Herbal therapy
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)

My service is basically Ayurvedic Healthcare consisting of one-to-one consultations in my Health Clinic in Ojai, CA, San Antonio TX or via Zoom. I provide an individualized meal planning and herbal remedies based on Ayurveda. From reading the pulse, tongue, eyes, skin, history of client, and physical symptoms, I make recommendations regarding diet, herbal formulas, home remedies, lifestyle habits

Dashka Garretson
Ferndale, WA 98248, USA
Eclectic medicine
Chakra Balancing
Medical intuition
Psychic surgery

I am Dashka. It is my pleasure to be a part of your journey to wellness as I assist you to heal your pain through energy. I am a RN, empath, clairsentient, intuitive energy healer, medical intuitive and channel. Healing Touch Certified Practiitioner and Certified Medical Intuitive.
I listen to your body, healing sessions with me are by hands-on specific to your physical and engergitic needs.

KY-1043, Kentucky, USA
Karma Cleansing
Eclectic medicine
Chakra Balancing
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)

In January 2014 I finished my first level of Reiki and started down my path to Reiki Master which I completed in May of 2020. Life took many twists and turns and through it all, I was determined to complete Reiki so that I might help others to heal. I have worked in many medical facilities in other capacities as caregiving is important to the well-being of others within the community.

Khabir Southwick
723 Fernando Dr, Ojai, CA 93023, USA
Herbal therapy
Functional medicine
Ayurvedic Massage

Traditional Naturopath (TN), Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS), [Registered] Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP), [Registered] Ayurvedic Herbal Pharmacist (AHP), [Registered] Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education (PACE) Provider, is an internationally renowned health consultant, Ayurvedic & Western herbalist, Naturopath, wholefood nutritionist and instructor on natural health-care and Ayurveda

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