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Our mission is to provide a forum for astrological awareness by sponsoring meetings, lectures, workshops and social gatherings that inspire convivial discussion and fellowship.

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Gabriela Johnson
Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand
Distance Healing
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Healing
Psychic Reading
Natal Astrology

Gabriela is a Soul regression therapy practitioner and a Quantum healing hypnosis therapist (Dolores Cannon). She offers Reiki treatment, distance healing, Angelic Reiki healing, intuitive readings, past life and life between lives regression therapy, QHHT therapy, Angel therapy, and Astrology birth chart readings as well as Spanish/English Meditation classes and spiritual development workshops.

Lejla Kristal 🔮 Extrasense
Belgrade, Serbia
Spiritual Healing
Spirit Guides
Psychic Reading
Natal Astrology

I offer Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Crystals Readings. I will help you with dilemmas such as:
**🔮Will my ex come back?
🔮When will I marry?
🔮Does she/he love me?
🔮 Is POI my soulmate/twinflame?
🔮Will I get A new job/business?
🔮Will I get rich? **
Start solving your problems now. Only you can help yourself get better. 🚫 I don't answer gambling, investment, health and pregnancy questions.

Octarina Bernas
BSD Plaza, Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, Lengkong Wetan, Kec. Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15310, Indonesia
Western Astrology
Oracle Cards Reading
Natal Astrology
Tarot Reading

I was just an ordinary administrator when my spiritual journey started. It was an amazing yet exhausting steps, but I was glad to meet people who helped me go through. Tarot reading helped to find my own core, which was the main reason why I decided to learn and practice it. I may be very new, but I'm sure every spread has their own purpose to help the others to find their own journey.

Suzana Da Costa
Montreal, QC, Canada
Western Astrology
Bach flower therapy
Life Coaching

Suzana is a fully accredited holistic practitioner and counselor. She helps restore health and wellness through the facilitation of consciousness and a well selected similimum to match the deepest dimensions of the individual’s inner world. Astrology has been her passion for over 20 years and she loves guiding others on using planetary influences to further their healing journey.