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We are a Naturopathic health counseling clinic utilizing natural remedies and modalities to assist clients in restoring health. We do not treat symptoms but work to remove obstacles to cure and correct imbalances. We are dedicated to each individual client, with a service tailored to their individual needs.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, UK
Nutritional Therapy
Wellness Coaching
Vegan Diet
Plant-based Diet

Hey there, I’m Roberta, your holistic wellness coach. I provide specialised holistic wellness and plant-based nutrition programs for men and women who want to take control of their lives. I’m here to help you to become the best version of yourself.

Are you ready to make positive lifestyle changes that set you on the right path to looking and feeling great? Let’s do this together!

Buck Black
100 Saw Mill Rd, Lafayette, IN 47905, USA
Financial Counselling
Telemental Health

I enjoy helping with couples counseling, sex therapy, sex addiction counseling and anger management, as well as stress management. I teach a lot of coping skills, communication skills, and help people change their thinking and behaviors.

Nidal Moughrabi MD
London, UK
Osho Meditation
Life Coaching
Positive Psychology
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

In my career as a medical doctor, I came to discover the limitations of Western medicine quite early on. I began soon to see that there was more to a failing health than just the body.

Luckily, not only was I motivated to take a more holistic approach to healing and health – one that included body, mind and soul – but I also found the key element that connected it all: our subconscious.

Sam Rafoss
Calgary, AB, Canada
Loving Kindness Meditation
Spiritual Coaching
Wellness Coaching

Sam Rafoss is a Fowler International Academy Certified Professional Coach, trained in metaphysics, holistic nutrition, neuro-linguistic programming and Karuna Reiki. She is passionate about sobriety, holistic health, spiritual growth and self-mastery. Sam is the host of the Sober and Serene podcast on YouTube.