At Vishwas Healing Centre, our aim is to help our clients to discover the immense storehouse of strength within & recognize the presence of the healer inside so that he or she becomes completely independent and self-confident. He need not look for happiness and mental stimulation from the outside world.
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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$55 USD
Clinical Hypnosis
Our Basic Clinical Hypnotherapy course actually helps you to sustain your confidence to win your relationships and every dimension of your existence. (Consul...
Vishwas Healing Centre
Past Life Regression
$67 USD
Past Life Regression Therapy
Online session rs 3500 (Consultancy Inclusive)
Vishwas Healing Centre
Tarot Reading
$14 USD
Tarot Card Reading
Past, present and future is not a mystery to solve rather a journey undertaken to achieve your highest purpose in life. Tarot reading sessions are all about ...
Vishwas Healing Centre
Spiritual Healing
$17 USD
Touch Healing
Aura Cleaning , Chakra Scanning , Chakra Balancing and Healing And Protection with Sacred Symbols. Consultancy Inclusive
Vishwas Healing Centre
Crystal healing
$34 USD
Crystal Healing (In‐ person session)
Crystal Healing with other Psycho-Spiritual Therapies And Consultancy Inclusive
Vishwas Healing Centre
Spiritual Healing
$141 USD
Lama Fera Online Course
The ultimate blueprint to co-create your destiny and reframe your perspective towards life. When this perspective shift happens you are then vibrating at a h...
Vishwas Healing Centre
Distance Healing
$81 USD
Distant Healing (Human and pets )
Distant Healing is perhaps one of those beautiful sciences where we are overcoming the barriers of distance, time and space. This healing is so deep and ...
Vishwas Healing Centre
$41 USD
Psychotherapy can be used to help a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. The following feelings are signs that an individual might benefit from...
Vishwas Healing Centre