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Original Christianity and Original Yoga: A Practical Resource for the Spiritual Student

Journey beyond the forest of cliches, contradictions, and confusion about Yoga, Hinduism, Christianity and metaphysical thought, through the unconventional wisdom of Abbot George Burke, director of Light of the Spirit Monastery.

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Robert L.
North Carolina, USA
Educational Psychology
Crystal healing
Evolutionary Psychology

Hi! i am intuitive, creative, and studious. if you are interested in spiritual developement and various topics related to it you may like my content.

if you are looking for perfect Grammer and punctuation, you might not, lol.

I personally believe religion and spirituality are two separate concepts. You may notice that I quote religiouse scriptures to bring about relatable topics from amongst many popular religion's. At other times I may use the tarot or oracle cards or be coming from spiritual downloads that I have or may recieve!

The higher divine order calls you to recieve messages from the light! However it is up to you to answer, or seek the answers to your souls evolution.

Last but not least! thank you for reading my bio!!

Isaac Oluwaniyi
Spiritual Healing

Isaac Adedolapo Oluwaniyi is currently an Undergrade at Crawford University in Nigeria.

I was once a sickle cell patient but i had faith in God, and he changed my genotype to AA. I am here to encourage you still belive i God because he still does the impossible. I write articles that spreads the goodnwes of the gospel on the digital space because i undersand that Christ is the real flex.

Celine-Brigitte Kayser
Florida, USA
Mindfulness meditation
Spiritual Healing
Psychic Reading

Celine-Brigitte Kayser is a certified practitioner of hypnosis, currently studying NLP, and an autodidact thinker. Philosophy and metaphysics are major fields of interest of hers, especially that of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Walter Russell and Manly P Hall. Lastly, she also endeavors to facilitate the shift toward a Gift Economy

Jadesola Popoola
Lagos, Nigeria
Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology

Jadesola Popoola is a media literacy educator working to liberate people from the shackles.of negative media influences in thier lives. T
Jadesola Popoola is on a mission to liberate minds, and restore propriety and goodness to our world, through the teaching of media literacy skills with a Godly lens.
She frequently speaks at schools, churches etc to increase awareness and teach.

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