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Esoterismo Magia


Birth Charts, Tarot reading, Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Coaching, Palm Reading, Rituals and Talisman for Good Luck and prosperity.

On Core Spirit since February 10

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Gabriela Johnson
Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand
Distance Healing
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Healing
Psychic Reading
Natal Astrology

Gabriela is a Soul regression therapy practitioner and a Quantum healing hypnosis therapist (Dolores Cannon). She offers Reiki treatment, distance healing, Angelic Reiki healing, intuitive readings, past life and life between lives regression therapy, QHHT therapy, Angel therapy, and Astrology birth chart readings as well as Spanish/English Meditation classes and spiritual development workshops.

Jaime Fleres
Asheville, NC, USA
Bach flower therapy
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Natal Astrology
Music and Sound therapy

Jaime Fleres is a Shamanic Astrologer, Soul Guide + Sound Channel. Astrology Soul Map readings focus on your soul's archetypal blueprint and current cycles. Soul Guidance weaves deep imagery, psyche whole-ing, energy medicine, and more. Sound Medicine weaves voice, drums, and crystal bowls to support profound healing and whole-ing. Jaime has an MA in Writing and is an author, artist and mystic.

Aurorah Yarberry
659 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA
Horoscopic Astrology
Western Astrology
Political Astrology
Agricultural Astrology
Natal Astrology

Aurorah has been studying astrology since 2008 and started Blood Moon Milk Astrology podcast in 2018. The focus of the podcast is using the astrology of the moon as a tool for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation to help cultivate a more harmonious and flowing life. Astro-therapy sessions are available by appointment only, with both in-person and virtual appointments available.

Makayla davis
Providence, RI, USA
Western Astrology
Natal Astrology

My name is Makayla Davis and I am the founder of The Scenic Route Astrology Coaching. Your journey is a life of its own. I believe when you unlock the potentials in a natal chart, you give people the knowledge to achieve the greatest life they could have. I encourage individuals to own their Cosmic Power, and be in a moment of alignment each and every day.

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