I am a naturopath and nutritionist who believes in providing healthy alternative healing systems and phytomedicine that promote health and wellness.

Ecogeneration is about ‘beauty without the ugly’. With plant derived products including organic creams and lubes these products provide an excellent alternative for many inflammatory conditions or even creating your own products.

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Trevor Folgering
Regina, SK, Canada
Clean eating
Nutritional Therapy
Ketogenic Diet

Trevor Folgering is a highly accomplished health and wellness entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. He is the founder of Biohack The Fat, a revolutionary weight loss and wellness program that harnesses the power of biohacking to optimize health and transform bodies.

With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Trevor has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals through cutting-edge science and technology.

In addition to his work with Biohack The Fat, Trevor is also a sought-after speaker and coach, sharing his knowledge and expertise with audiences around the world.

Trevor’s passion for health and wellness began early in life, as he struggled with his own weight and health issues.

Through years of research, experimentation, and hard work, he discovered the power of biohacking to transform his body and health, and has since made it his mission to share this knowledge with others.

With his unique combination of expertise, passion, and dedication, Trevor is a true leader in the health and wellness industry, and a driving force behind the biohacking movement.

Aerielle Sampson
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Nutritional Therapy
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)

Aerielle Sampson is a master herbalist, scientist, yoga instructor, and mother. She began her her journey with a background in Genetics, when she heard her call to heal. She combines her knowledge of plant medicine, yoga, nutrition, science, and the spiritual realm to create a space for overall healing in her community.

Monica Amsterdam
New Jersey, USA
Nutritional Therapy
Intermittent fasting
Functional medicine
Ketogenic Diet

Mrs. Amsterdam specializes in functional nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and health promotion, she employs the latest functional tests to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions at the root of most common health complaints.

Monica has been featured as a nutrition expert in top-tier publications and a guest on televised programming, including NJ12 “12 To Your Health” and WCBS-2.

Debra Thomas
Rhydlafar, Cardiff CF5, UK
Nutritional Therapy
Elimination Diet
Functional medicine

As a Registered Dietician and an Advanced Practitioner I have a wealth of experience. My speciality though is the treatment of IBS using the low FODMAP diet. I have advised over 1500 patients. I have received many awards for my work in driving forward the IBS agenda in Wales. As a Bevan Exemplar, my work inspired and enabled other Dieticians across Wales in the field of IBS treatment.

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