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Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec


This group was created for TT members to grow and share their journey on their path to healing both of themselves and of their experiences as energetic workers. Love light!

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Julie Parker
York, UK
Alexander technique
Life Coaching
Therapeutic touch

Alexander Technique(AT), Coaching and Embodied Mindfulness + 25 years allow me to offer mental and physical strategies to help you live a more fulfilled, joyful and pain free life.

A Maths degree and career in finance followed by the intuition and creativity in my work in AT and Coaching means I can act as a bridge between Science and Humanities, Business and Education, Logic and Mystery.

Ingrid-Maria Nordgren
Harley St, London, UK
Emotional Stress Release
Inner Child Healing
Spiritual Healing
Therapeutic touch

Ingrid-Maria became interested in consciousness in late 1980's. This led her to find what became her life journey - Rosen Method. Ingrid-Maria trained in Rosen Method Bodywork and is today also a Supervisor, Senior Teacher and have thaught internationally as well as in the UK. She co-founded the Rosen Method UK training centre in 2004, and also trained as a psychotherapist.

Dan Stodt
Barcelona, Spain
Emotional Stress Release
Respiratory Medicine
Therapeutic touch

I am a health coach and stress management expert specializing in painless muscle relaxation techniques as well as breathing and movement education. I have 40+ years helping people to resolve health problems by natural means, while showing them how to transform their body into a source of comfort, pleasure, well-being, self-confidence, and success in life.

8888 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115, USA
Aromatherapy Massage
Art Therapy
Dance therapy
Therapeutic touch

Hi! I love helping people with my compassion and wisdom I have inherited from King Jesus.

I have been an empathic comforter and healer for most of my life. Ever since getting closer with he LORD in 2019, my therapeutic gifts have increased.

I charge nothing; but you are free to give donations. With the donations, I help others with it too.

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.