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Tara Schafer
Long Beach, WA 98631, USA
Business Coaching
Natal Astrology
Tarot Reading
Career Coaching

Hello, I'm an astrologer and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I specialize in Business and Career Astrology. Along with using Astrology to help brand your business. Some of the other tools I use are Tarot Cards and Intuition. I am here to empower female entrepreneurs to create a holistic business strategy.

The Witch at Northway Magick
Lytham St Annes, Lytham Saint Annes FY8, UK
Chromotherapy (color therapy, colorpuncture)
Chakra Balancing
Tarot Reading

Northway Magick began in 2020 when The Witch needed a tangible creative outlet. As a practitioner of candle magick, candles seemed like the perfect solution, and soon she was making candles for friends and family as well as herself.

In 2021, Northway Magick expanded with new lines of wax melts, tea lights, room sprays and phone grips, and moved from Etsy to, and in 2022 further expansion saw a focus on skincare, natural fragrances and ritual oils.

In 2023, Northway Magick will be offering Tarot and Chromotherapy services both virtually and in-person.

The Witch is a certified Chromotherapist and Crystal Healer, and has studied meditation facilitation with a focus on the IAM method with the Centre for Inner Awakening.

Her focus with Tarot is on finding the answers within, and her connection to the cards is something that's in her blood. Her first encounter with Tarot was when she was fascinated by a deck at her Grandmother's house as a child, and the connection has been passed down through many generations; her Great Aunt used to read Tarot on Psychic Interactive back in the day!

Many of the ingredients found in Northway Magick's spell jars have been foraged by The Witch on walks with Aubrey, her teeny tiny dog (although Alice the cat tends to supervise jar creation!)

With a strong focus on energy work, The Witch gets a lot of her energy from the beautiful scenery in Lytham St Anne's, and she is passionate about working with the small businesses in the area too. Northway Magick is truly a love letter to this lovely seaside town.

United Kingdom
Financial Literacy
Social Psychology
Career Coaching
Business Ethics

Management and finance student at the University of East Anglia. As a management and finance student, the convergence of business and finance has always fascinated me.

My interest in this profession began in high school, when I took my first accounting course and realised the significance of financial management in any business. I have had the opportunity to study a variety of topics while earning a degree in Management and Finance, including financial accounting, corporate strategy, investment analysis, and risk management. My schooling and extracurricular activities have provided me with a thorough understanding of financial principles and their applicability in the commercial world.

My long-term objective is to become a successful finance professional and positively influence the financial health of businesses. I am eager to continue learning and expanding my knowledge in this sector, and I am convinced that my education and previous experiences have prepared me for success.

Damian Clark
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Health Psychology
Advaita Vedanta
Personal Development Coaching
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.