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Hi, NLP training and coaching for personal growth is my passion. Now I am offering NLP coaching all over the world via my app. Besides that you can learn how to apply NLP via my Zoom training. You are so welcome.

On Core Spirit since January 19

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Jass Malaney
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Jass Malaney is a Professional Coach, known for her caring & inspiring presence. Clients benefit from her global experience, a 360 degree view on elevating their leadership. She inspires you to be couragous and move beyond your comfort zone and in the process of empowering inner capabilities to fulfil your aspirations.

Ian Reid
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Family Psychology
Personal Development Coaching
Social Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology

I provide a uniquely safe, ethical, and confidential space dedicated to your relationships, for individuals and couples. Life has its ups and downs in relationships and right now you're feeling the pain.
I'm someone who's lived and worked in Switzerland and around the world for 20 years, with people just like you.
That's exactly what I'm here to support you with online, Swiss-wide and globally.

Jim Sharman
Tallinn, Estonia
Emotional Stress Release
Life Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Career Coaching

A passionate communicator, committed to working with those keen to progress personal and professional growth. What holds us back the most is our self-limiting beliefs; I work in the space that facilitates breakthrough and clarity. Trained in DISC, NLP, Psychosynthesis, Spiritual Psychology, Life and Mindfulness Coaching, and Traditional Reiki, I blend these skills to each client's needs.

Shahnaz Moslehi, Ph.D.
15711 Königs Wusterhausen, Germany
Emotional Freedom Technique
Recreational Therapy
Spiritual Healing
Social Psychology

Experienced psychotherapist, and former clinical director of mental health agencies in the USA. As a clinical director, I have been responsible to oversee and sign on to approve, the work of other psychotherapists such as their given diagnoses and provided interventions and treatment. My academic trainings and credentials include LCSW, college counseling, plus numerous clinical training programs .

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