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Positive Psychology
Social Psychology

Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse graduated from the Department of Psychology at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2004. She also completed the Management Studies Minor program at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at METU. She completed her education in Koç University Institute of Social Sciences Industrial and Organizational Psychology master's program with a scholarship in 2006. Continuing her PhD program in Social Psychology at METU Social Sciences Institute in 2006, Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse took courses in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology doctorate program as a scholarship doctoral exchange student at the University of South Florida in the USA between 2008-2009 and worked as a teaching assistant at this university in the spring semester. Based on her master's thesis, her article titled “Effects of Paternalistic and Transformational Leadership on Follower Outcomes”, co-written with Prof. Zeynep Aycan and Prof. Russell E. Johnson, won the “Best Student Paper" award at the International Academy of Management and Business 2009 Fall Conference. She completed her doctoral education in 2011 and completed her doctoral thesis titled "Leader Group Prototypicality and Followers' Identification: Predictors, Mediating Processes and Follower Outcomes - Leader-Group Similarity and Follower Identification Processes: Reflections on Mediator Processes and Followers" in Middle East Technical University Social The Institute of Sciences which received two separate awards, namely the 2010-2011 Education Year Psychology Doctoral Program Best Thesis Award and the METU Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2012 Doctoral Thesis of the Year Kalbiye Tansel Publication Award. In July 2011, she was among the academicians who completed the establishment of the Department of Psychology at Çankaya University and became the Founding Head of the Department of Psychology. She received her Associate Professor degree in Social Psychology from the Interuniversity Board in October 2015, and the title of tenure-track Professor in March 2023. Between February 2017 and December 2017, she served as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Çankaya University and is currently the Head of the Psychology Department and the Director of the Çankaya University Women's Studies Research and Application Center (KADUM). Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse's published one book, international and national book chapters, articles in international and national scientific journals, and she has numerous invited guests at international and national congresses and conferences, and many scientific researches presented orally and as posters in international and national congresses and conferences. Her main research areas are leadership, follower motivations and attribution processes that are effective in leadership processes, abusive supervision, workplace mistreatment, family and social factors that predict the Dark Triad personality traits, and the reflections of these personality traits on behaviors in interpersonal relations, work life and political preferences.

Jadesola Popoola
Lagos, Nigeria
Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology

Jadesola Popoola is a media literacy educator working to liberate people from the shackles.of negative media influences in thier lives. T
Jadesola Popoola is on a mission to liberate minds, and restore propriety and goodness to our world, through the teaching of media literacy skills with a Godly lens.
She frequently speaks at schools, churches etc to increase awareness and teach.

Frank Racioppi
Clayton, NJ, USA
Emotional Stress Release
Health Psychology
Financial Literacy
Communication Coaching
Social Psychology

I live and work in Southern New Jersey near Philadelphia. After nearly 40 years as a speechwriter and editor for a Fortune 50 company, I retired and started and manage four podcast blogs -- Podcast Reports, Pod-Alization on Substack, Auditorily on Tumblr and Vocal, and Ear Worthy on Medium -- and one health news blog called Health News In Five Minutes.

Jass Malaney
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Jass Malaney is a Professional Coach, known for her caring & inspiring presence. Clients benefit from her global experience, a 360 degree view on elevating their leadership. She inspires you to be couragous and move beyond your comfort zone and in the process of empowering inner capabilities to fulfil your aspirations.

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