We are here for you to lend you an empathetic, non judgemental ear to anyone and everyone who would love to vent or talk about any of the problems they are facing .. a safe space for tele counselling and online platform services.

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Robert L.
North Carolina, USA
Educational Psychology
Crystal healing
Evolutionary Psychology

Hi! i am intuitive, creative, and studious. if you are interested in spiritual developement and various topics related to it you may like my content.

if you are looking for perfect Grammer and punctuation, you might not, lol.

I personally believe religion and spirituality are two separate concepts. You may notice that I quote religiouse scriptures to bring about relatable topics from amongst many popular religion's. At other times I may use the tarot or oracle cards or be coming from spiritual downloads that I have or may recieve!

The higher divine order calls you to recieve messages from the light! However it is up to you to answer, or seek the answers to your souls evolution.

Last but not least! thank you for reading my bio!!

Naeem Raza
Abnormal Psychology
Emotional Stress Release
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Hi! My name is Naeem Raza. I am passionate about listening to people, motivating them, solving problems, and guiding them to a happy place. I will help you adopt the winning mindset of confidence and get out of your own way. I will teach you the tools and techniques to master yourself in heated situations. Increasing your level of confidence starts with a decision.

Shola Sodiya
United Kingdom
Developmental Psychology
Emotional Stress Release
Family Psychology
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

I have acheived an undergraduate degree in Counselling and Psychology along with a Coaching NPL in Personal Development. I undertake sessions with clients in a counselling and advisory support role. I have acheived creating core practices in working with young and adult groups provinding supportive measures in learning new skills and being creative within their own mindsets.

Bruno Scott
United States
Developmental Psychology
Life Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Social Psychology

Personal development Coach | Psychology and Philosohpy Writer.
I like to help people to see the positive aspects of their daily lives and guide them in overcoming stress, anxiety, and lack of focus, so they can get back on track.

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