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Hello, I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist and Crystal Seller based in Richmond, UK with a global client base. I desire to help as many people as possible to de-stress, remove anxiety, live in the present moment and learn how to bring themselves back to positivity daily. Namaste Emma

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Kat Crow
New York, NY, USA
Spiritual Coaching
Human Design
Tarot Reading
Career Counselling
Rune Reading

Kat Crow is an acclaimed spiritual practitioner with a BA from Scripps College and a Masters from UC Santa Cruz. Kat's proficiency in Tarot, oracle decks, Norse Runes, and Human Design readings enables her to guide people through difficult periods of life, particularly during spiritual awakening. Her Human Design readings focus on deconditioning, energy, and chart interpretation.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Yoga Therapy
Spiritual Healing
Positive Psychology

As an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher & Therapist, my focus is supporting clients on their journey to balance, back to themselves. Using the ancient sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Reiki, combined with my intuition, I urge clients to examine their daily habits (down to the most subtle level). Conscious relaxation is central on the path towards health. My ambition is to support as many people as I can.

Jess B
South Carolina, USA
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Healing

Influencing content writer with vast experience in content development and a proven record of top-rated and most-read articles. Possesses thorough knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, psychology, and life-based sciences utilized to improve readers’ understanding of various important topics.

Troye Lilley
Pretoria, South Africa
Karma Cleansing
Spiritual Healing
Chakra Balancing

I am a Divine Energy Healer
I use various modalities to provide ease and freedom to my clients.
I started healing in 2012 after doing my Foundational training in Vortex healing but only started healing clients in 2022.
The modalities I use are Magical Awakening,Psychic Reiki,Light of the Eternal One.
I Love being of service to others.

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