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Core Spirit is the most comprehensive online English-language source of the latest news, articles, blog posts and videos about complementary and alternative medicine, cutting-edge scientific and contextual research, as well as faith, belief and spirituality. Articles published on Core Spirit are aggregated from multiple sources from the web.

Alternative & Natural Medicine

News, articles, opinions, experiences and discussions about complementary and alternative medicine, holistic healing and natural beauty, health and wellness.

This section addresses every domain of holistic and integrative health: complete alternative medicine systems — Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine — their modern and traditional variants; diets and nutrition advice; energy medicine; lifestyle and behaviour changes; manual therapies, mind–body practices; as well as natural and herbal remedies.

Treatments and medicines covered by the material Core Spirit aggregates from around the Web ranges from acupuncture and homeopathy to aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.

Myth, Magic & Spirituality

Articles, essays, insights, discussions on spirituality, the occult, hermeticism, the mysteries of consciousness, and the spiritual traditions of the world.

The material gathered in this section covers an eclectic engages with contemporary and traditional forms of spirituality, with an eclectic selection of material on alchemy; astrology and divination; esoteric subjects and the occult; mythology; psychic phenomena; world and folk religions, as well as spiritual beginnings of philosophical traditions.

Core Spirit aggregates material across the web and offers readers the relevant and thought-provoking features: ranging from essays that are scholarly and engaging, to discussions that challenge and inspire.

Research and Innovation

News, articles, experiences, research on new technology, gadgets and software for health, wellness and spiritual growth, as well as cutting-edge research in anti-aging, rejuvenation medical technology, artificial and augmented intelligence, and other augmentations of human capabilities.

Material gathered in this section maintains emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the practices, but seeks explanations and applications outside the traditionally accepted ones.

Core Spirit views science and esoterica not only as ways of thinking, but as comprehensive practices and modalities of language, and aims to facilitate a dialogue between the modern scientific and philosophical thinking and systems of thought that originate in ancient esoteric traditions and religions established centuries ago.