Arabic Language Course (Foundation) ARC 2019 (20 Weeks) September 2019

The webinar by The Qur'an Institute
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Conditions of participation: ARC 2019 Arabic Language Course (Onsite)
Price: GBP 35000
Location: GB London null E1
Arabic Renaissance Course Septmber 2019. Basic to Advanced Language course Knowledge of al-Islam in this life and the next is evergreen, and access to its divine texts are through its linguistic roots in Arabic. Arabic is not just for scholars, it is for every male and female Muslim regardless of academic background or social and economic status. So come and embark on a sacred journey to discover the meaning of your prayers and supplications and directly access the Quran for yourself. Open yourself to the Quran by studying the language in which it came. This unique course that goes directly to the source code of Arabic grammar will enable you to be on the path to opening up the doors to the sacred sciences of Tafsir, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Usul. Invest in your salah, in your family and future generations by studying the language of Islam. As Muslims in the West, where we are spirituality parched in a sea of consumerism we need to take our succour from the divine texts and the accrued wisdom over the last thousand years of Islamic scholarship from the sages of this Deen. What better reason is there to study Arabic than to preserve one’s Islam in oneself, family and community. Today could be the first day of the rest of your life to make that change. Our unique three peak system ensures doesn’t just measure the progress in the curriculum regardless of whether we leave the student behind or not, but also develops students to be able to hang on and scale the Arabic Mountain with an attitude and work ethic that will serve them well in this course and in future intermediate and advanced courses. A typical lesson will compose of studying conversations in Arabic, breaking down the grammatical rules and learning new words along the way. There will be speaking and listening components along the way the goes towards building confidence in the student to use the rules that were discussed with different words. Start date: Every Saturday from 7th September 2019 Time: 2.15pm - 4.15pm For online access: Please make sure you have an active Facebook account
The webinar by The Qur'an Institute Medicine
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