Letters to Light Programme All Courses: Tajwīd & Arabic September 2019

The webinar by The Qur'an Institute
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Conditions of participation: Letters to Light Programme All Courses: Tajwīd/Arabic/Tafsir (Onsite)
Price: GBP 55000
Location: GB London The Highway E1
Letters to Light Programme All Courses: Tajwīd/Arabic/Tafsir (onsite/online) Course Type: Foundation level Arabic (language) and Tajweed (reciation) only for beginners. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER ENROLLING STUDENTS FOR OUR TAFSIR & ARABIC LANGUAGE CLASS Approximate start date: Every Saturday from 7th September 2019 Daily Schedule:  3:30 - 5:00 - Sweet Science of Articulation (1hr 30mins) 5:15 - 7:15 - Arabic Language Course (2hrs) Location: Our classrooms are based in London E1 5mins walk fro Shadwell DLR Station Short Description : How would we like to meet another Ramadan? Do we want to understand the precision in which it was articulated? Or would we like to understand the meanings? Or would we like to know the context of the ayah, its interpretations and linguistic style? If you want to peel back the layers of letters (Tawjid), grammatical constructions (Grammar) and deeper meanings (Tafsir) to find that connection with Allah (swa)’s book to gain closeness to Him, then join our Letters to Light Programme and start the journey two weeks after Eid. A message from your Instructor: Have you noticed the sky coming home from Fajr? The stars fade in the light but they are still where they were in all their constellations and the northern star showing us our true north was lawyers there. This is how I view the constellations of meaning in the Quran. Its guidance is often invisible to us due to our busy lives that veil our deepest desires to want to learn the Deen, but that Quran was always there, Allah (swa)’s book, Allah (swa)s law, Allah (swa)’s words addressing you, was always on your shelf waiting. Its time we look passed the haze of distractions and start to develop a connection with Allah (swa)’s book and find contentment for our restless souls so we can strive for meaningful persuits. Join me and my wife on that journey to understand Allah (swa)’s book.  Foundation level Arabic and Tajweed for beginners. The Quran Institute is an ethicaly funded, grassroots Islamic seminary dedicated to serving brothers and sisters of our Ummah For online access: Please make sure you have an active Facebook account
The webinar by The Qur'an Institute Arabic Alchemy
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