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I Am Woman
As a middle aged woman I have overcome a lot of obstacles and have had to deal with different life changes, some good and some bad. I’ve been through divorce...
Alternate Pathways
The use of Red in colour Therapy
Red The colour of blood and life force energy, also the colour of the basal chakra. It is the colour of basal love and love is a great healer. It gives stre...
Alternate Pathways
Did tomorrow happen 14 billion years ago?
The hypothesis that the Universe came into being 13.77 billion years ago is widely enough accepted to be now treated as fact. Those early Ptolemaic astronome...
Steve J. Chandler
Nutritional Therapy
Super Simple Superfoods Recipe
Do you wonder what superfoods to eat with all this talk about gut health, probiotics and prebiotics, autoimmunity, hormonal balance, weight loss/weight gain,...
FAIZA Ibrahim-Audu
Child Development
Special needs children: Tips for managing better
Children with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Neurological disorders, Sensory impairment, Learning disabilities and Cerebral Palsy need extra attention; care an...
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TOP-5 CORE SPIRIT BEST practitioners, April 2021
We score our practitioners according to their activity: including published articles, added services and events for #corespirit. The best (most active) pract...
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The Secret to Developing a Positive Mindset for Confidence and Success (3 Tips to a Lasting Shift)
How much we make, how we respond to stressful situations, mental illness, our personality, and level of success are all things that run in the family. “It’s...
Deann Rae Jensen
Emotional Intelligence
The price of denial
There comes a time in everyone's life where we have to face some hard truths in order to grow. Well, you don´t HAVE to but the price of not doing so is very ...
Family Coaching
How to transform a traumatic event from the past - and change your view (and your life)!
## Do you sometimes bump up against a recurring problem in your life, and seem to have no power or control over it? The same situation keeps repeating, with ...
Corry Lang
Analytical Psychology
Uncertainty of living
In  these uncertain  times , what are you going to depend upon ? We have been locked in our house with our families,  and it has become tough to be together...
Aman Kumar Prithwee
Group Psychology
What is Group Psychology
Essentials of Group Psychology How groups form, conform, then warp our decision-making, productivity and creativity. When we’re in a group other people hav...
Demi Powell
Vegan Diet
Protecting Boundaries or Making Demands as a Vegan
Not long ago when I came to a women’s gathering, the conversation at the time was dominated by the topics of hunting and fishing. I sat around quietly drinki...
Demi Powell
Enneagram of Personality
Enneagram of Personality – how can one engage in self-care?
The Enneagram of Personality is a helpful way to understand one’s fears, motivations and needs. It is essential to engage in self-care practices, regardless ...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
Transpersonal Business Studies
Transpersonal Business Studies
**TRANSPERSONAL BUSINESS STUDIES** Transpersonal business is one of the areas of transpersonal research considered by Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. We can sa...
Joseph Evans
Holistic Parenting
What is Conscious Conception?
What is conscious conception? Conscious Conception is a holistic path of preparing your body, mind and spirit, lifestyle, home and relations for the miracle...
Demi Powell
Family Therapy
Building Your Family Tree
The advent of the internet was a game-changer for amateur genealogists. Now that billions of scanned documents and photographs are available online, it’s pos...
Demi Powell
Ideal Protein Diet
Ideal Protein Diet Guidelines: Does It Help to Lose Weight?
If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Healthline Diet Score: 3.5 out of 5 The Ideal Protein Diet...
Demi Powell
Personality Psychology
The Disappointing Double Standards of Narcissists
Disorders such as narcissism are characterized by a distortion of healthy norms for feeling, thinking and relating. One of the most notable distortions among...
Demi Powell
Are we living in the times of climate emergency?
‘Based on sober scientific analysis, we are deeply within a climate emergency state but people are not aware of it,’ he told Horizon on the sidelines of the ...
Demi Powell
Instant Coffee Was Found To Have The Smallest Carbon Footprint
Drinking [coffee](
Demi Powell
Air pollution: all you need to know
The problem of air pollution is complex and affects our daily life, even though we don't necessarily notice it. Consciousness is the key to effective protect...
Demi Powell
Clarity and Emotion in Public Speaking
"Choose a close friend/family member and imagine that you are delivering the speech in front of that person." (E. Gilbert) The author of the famous novel "E...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
The Art of Communication
The Art of Communication: Since I can remember I have always been able to communicate with those who struggle to express themselves. I was one of nine chil...
Anna Scott
Transpersonal Business Studies
Transpersonal Anthropology
TRANSPERSONAL ANTHROPOLOGY-a trend that emerged in the United States in the late 60s of the 20th century. He defines himself as "the fourth force in psycholo...