November 15


WHY REIKI PRACTITIONER’S VIBRATIONAL ENERGY FAILS© Reiki Master Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D. When you have asked a client what they have felt during a session or after the traditional three-day-wait period and they respond nothing do you wonder why they felt nothing or do you shrug it off? You find yourself saying “Not everyone responds to treatment and not just Reiki treatment. That’s a cop-out. So, what if you had more than five years’ experience or twenty years. The client may ultimately feel she or he has wasted their money. That is not good for business. The ultimate answer does not lie with your client. It is you! But, you say, “I’ve been trained by world-famous teachers and then you begin to rattle off your excessive number of certifications. And that may be reflective of the fundamental problem of the issue of your clients not feeling anything. From my perspective, such a situation is discouraging and may begin to create a deep emotional problem; the sense of failure. If this sense of failure carries over into your daily practice your clients will soon leave you and new clients will be few. Can something be done about this creeping failure motif? Absolutely and it won’t cost you a dime. As Practitioners, we frequently get so wrapped up in our business that we forget two very important yet, simple principles. Principle One: You are a facilitator and as such you are to tap into universal energy; to connect to its power. Very busy lives create a barrier. Take time to recharge your energy field. These two suggestions to help recharge your energy field may be helpful: Get into the seated yoga position, hands open and facing upwards placed on the knees. Close your eyes. Visualize warm light bathing you. 15 minutes. If the yoga position is not good for you, sit in a chair. Go for a slow leisurely walk (weather permitting). Take your time and look at your surroundings. Touch plant life if it’s easily accessible. 30 to 45 minutes, Principle Two: Concentrate on the concept that all things are interconnected and that means the energy of all things including the universe-the cosmos. These two suggestions may be helpful: Get up early enough to watch a sunrise. If the weather permits, sit outside. Remind yourself, that the sunrise is the promise of a new beginning. Remain until the sunrise fades into full daylight. Go and sit by a creek, river, lake, or ocean. If possible, spend the whole day there. Take a light, low-sugar snack and water with you. Let your mind wander, daydream if you will. Do some deep breathing exercises for 10 minutes. Finally, give yourself a Reiki treatment after you have completed the previous suggestions. Before you begin your Reiki treatment, smudging with sage or Palo Santo will help remove any negativity. Namaste. ©Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D. 2021

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