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February 20

When Neptune Square Venus Can Lead To Gift Money

I was reading a book on astrology when the topic of transits came up. For some reason, I thought about a time in 2018 when I got some gift money out of the blue and an all-expense-paid trip to Japan.

Curious, I checked the transits active for that time, and nothing else stood out except for an exact square from Neptune in Pisces to my Venus in twelfth house in the sign of Gemini!

Every explanation on the internet for this transit says that there is a potential to spend too much or lose money. However, I gained a lot more money than I spent during this period and got to travel without paying a dime.

This shows the importance of context and synthesis in astrology readings versus just looking up the meaning of transits on the internet.

Let’s delve into this transit a little deeper to see why this exact square from Neptune to Venus produced a free trip and gift money:

Money Gain

Natal Venus is conjunct Sun, which is the ruler of my second house of assets and wealth. Any transit to Venus also affects the Sun due to the close conjunction of these planets. Which means that any aspect to my natal Venus also activates my Sun and the house that it rules.

Neptune is exalted in Pisces, and so is Venus. Plus my Venus in twelfth house has a Pisces influence to it already since Pisces is associated with the twelfth house.

Anytime there is an aspect, it mixes the energies of the signs being aspected. So my Venus was receiving some Pisces energy from the aspect to Neptune, which was transiting my ninth house. Since the ninth house is typically a house associated with good fortune, this blesses the energy of transiting Neptune because it’s sitting in my ninth house.

This blessing was amplified by the fact that transiting Neptune was in Pisces, its own sign.

Venus was happy to receive this aspect because she’s receiving Pisces energy, which made her stronger and indulged her fantasies. Furthermore, she’s used to this energy since she’s sitting in the twelfth house, which has a Pisces energy associated with it. So there’s comfort and familiarity there.

She gave some of the blessings of this transit to Sun, her close neighbor who happens to control my second house of assets and wealth.

As a result of this, my assets increased despite taking an overseas trip.

In this case, the square indicated the intensity of the energy mixing rather than the fact that it’s negative or positive.

The positivity of the aspect came from the house and signs of the planets involved, and from my free will decision to live within means.

Neptune can indicate excess, so there was a potential for me to spend too much money there, but it didn’t happen due to the decision not to do so.


The travel aspect of the transit had to do with the fact that both of the houses activated, the twelfth and the ninth, indicate overseas travel.

So the result of this exact square from Neptune to Venus was that I got a good chunk of gift money and an entire trip to Japan all paid for.

This finding surprised me at first. But when I looked at it closer, it was inevitable due to the sign elements and houses involved, as well as the fact that the square aspect simply means an intense level of mixing of energies.

A delightful finding, and I hope you found it valuable!