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October 23



Norman W. Wilson, PhD

Egg use, not a known shamanic tool for diagnosing a client’s issues, is nevertheless an ancient tool for spiritual cleansing; especially in Mesoamerica, a cultural area in North America which includes central Mexico through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica. Within this large area of pre-Columbian societies, egg-healing flourished long before the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Limpia, as it is called in Spanish, is an easy way to get rid of a physical, mental, and or emotional blockage, especially those that harm one’s soul such as soul entanglement, bad karma, general malaise, and questionable core beliefs. The egg absorbs energy through its 7,000 pores of its shell which is primarily made of calcium.

Before you begin, I strongly suggest you do a general and overall self-body-sweep. Simply take sage or Palo Santo and smudge it all around you. You may also do a physical sweep of your body. Extend one arm out a bit from your body; use the hand of your other arm and sweep down the extended arm. Do this with the other arm; each leg and each foot. Once this is done you are ready to do an egg diagnosis.

Try an egg diagnosis on yourself if you are in a “bad” mood, tired, or lethargic. You will need these items: lavender incense, a white candle, an egg— a more rounded female egg if you are female and a more pointed egg if you are a male—salt, and a glass of water. Be sure the eggs have been at room temperature for at least three hours. Follow these steps:

Fill a clean glass three-quarter full of tap water.

Light the lavender incense and smudge the area in which you are located, and then smudge yourself.

Light the white candle, making sure it is in a secure holder and will not cause a fire.

Place the egg in your dominant hand and slowly move it around your body, beginning at the top of your head. You may roll the egg so it physically touches your body. Do this 4 times. Note the 3 hours plus the 4 times rollover equals 7 and there are 7,000 pores in an eggshell. For many people, the number 7 is a power number.

Once you have completed the body scan with the egg, crack it in the glass of water. Let the egg settle for two or three minutes. Be sure not to move the glass.

Personal interpretation of the results of the egg roll will be quite general unless you have considerable practice. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have a shaman do the Limpia. Here are some of the basic interpretations and as always, if you feel concerned about an issue, see your medical doctor. Look for strings, bubbles, colors, textures, and location of the egg yolk. Here are nine generalized interpretations:

Red spots indicate possible illness

Cloudy water indicates mental or emotional confusion

Dark spots indicate possible illness

A bubble floating on the surface indicates negativity; perhaps negative energy is being directed at you or you are physically and emotionally tired

Gray or dark cloudiness suggests you have come in contact with an “evil” eye

Spikes or strings pointed downward suggests you have a lot of built-up anger

If the water is clear once you have broken the egg and waited the appropriate time, you are fine, safe, and healthy

If you see animal or plant images such as an eagle or a flower it means negative energies are leaving you.

Bubbles surrounding the yoke indicate good spirits are watching over you.

Remember, the egg is for more than just eating.

Photo by Suzanne V Wilson Photography

© 2020 by Norman W. Wilson, PhD.

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