August 10

The Powerful Effects of Karma on Creativity

Our sexual health is closely related to the Sacral Chakra – Swadhistana, located in the pelvic region below the navel. It is a seat of deep emotions, karma, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. When the energy in the Sacral Chakra is balanced and flowing freely, we can enjoy the pleasures of life without guilt or suppression; we can express our creative nature and be in harmony with what is. When our energy is blocked due to societal conditioning, limited belief patterns, or past life karmic bondage, we are not able to give and receive love freely, enjoy life fully, and be creative.

Swadhistana Chakra is related to the relationship we have with ourselves and the whole world. It is located below the navel and is rooted in the sacral spine. The organs related to Sacral Chakra are testicles, ovaries, colon, and tongue. The glands that correspond to it are testicles and ovaries. On a physical level, we can identify unbalanced Swadhistana if we experience disease or symptoms related to the pelvic region, such as menstrual pain or issues associated with reproductive organs, hip pain, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, sciatica, etc.

The primary mission of this Chakra is the connection to our feelings and creativity. It is the cradle of our emotions. When speaking of karma, in yogic philosophy, Sanchita Karma means the seeds we planted in the past lives and now are following the cycle of death and rebirth to clear our karma, incarnating on Earth over and over.

To clear our karma means changing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, so we realise our true nature, origin and live from the space of devotion to the Source. As long as we are bound by the material and disconnected from our true nature, we become trapped in illusions. Repeating these same patterns leads to suffering. When we create from a space of love and devotion, we create “good” karma; the effect of our actions shows up as a mirror of our experiences.

My Ayurvedic teacher said that karma is an architect of our lives. We are the creator beings who are constantly creating. If we realise our true potential, which is unlimited, we can become empowered with the creative process. And if we don’t like what we have created, we can consciously choose with our free will to create differently by changing the way we think, believe, and act. That is why meditation practice is so essential, and the Yogic path ultimately leads to self-realisation. The reason is that during the spontaneous meditation process, we can see What Is. We observe as if from a neutral space what is happening on a deeper level, and we can let go of the illusions, becoming one with the Source of all creation, liberating ourselves from mental bondage and suffering.

My teacher taught me that we could create positive thoughts to have “good” feelings such as love and good emotions such as compassion. If we choose negative thoughts, we create “bad” feelings, such as anger, and then negative emotions, such as hate. Our minds become a cycle of energy. To break a negative cycle, you can check your beliefs and ask: “Is this really right?” or “How is this true and according to whom?”, “How is this not true?”, “Is there any evidence to support this belief?”, then change the beliefs that are not serving anymore and choose to believe something that is more in alignment with your life purpose and mission.

Here is a list of my favourite affirmations for harmonising Sacral Chakra:

• “I give and receive love freely.”

• “I am abundant now and always.”

• “My emotions are flowing like water.”

• “I am free to feel what I feel.”

• “I am creative now and always.”

• “My sensuality is sacred.”

• “My sexuality is sacred.”

• “I set healthy boundaries and have good discernment.”

• “I am sensual and enjoyable.”

• “I know and respect my needs.”

• “I am full of zest for life.”

• “I am valuable, self-confident, and respect my needs.”

• “Life is to be enjoyed; I love my life.”

Maybe you have been:

  1. Putting other people’s needs first and your needs last?

  2. What beliefs are you holding about your sexual energy and power? When have you decided to adopt these beliefs, and according to whom? How are they true? How are they untrue?

  3. Have you been told that to receive love, you must give first?

  4. Have you been told that only giving is noble and virtuous?

  5. Have you been brought up to believe that life is hard and to enjoy it is a sin?

  6. Was your creative power not taken seriously?

  7. Did you grow up believing that you were not worthy of receiving love and abundance? That you have to earn it somehow by giving up who you truly are deep down?

  8. Maybe adults around you were shaming your free expression of sexual energy. Or perhaps you experienced sexual trauma that left a profound impact on your relationship with yourself and others?

Healing is always possible. This means we can make ourselves whole again. Apart from changing our beliefs, there is also a set of yoga asana poses that work on Swadhistana Chakra. While remaining in the position, we can consciously bring our awareness to the physical location of the Chakra and feel into it on an energetic level, visualising deep healing and balancing taking place as we work with one affirmation at a time.

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