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September 26

The Litmus Test of Resistance By Julie Feld

"Who does not search, will not find. The river does not flow toward the people, who may know about, but do want to go near. They have to approach, if they wish to scoop up its waters." – Hildegard of Bingen

Shortly after I started studying with Joey Klein eight years ago, I began my private training with him thinking I would sign up for a six-month commitment that would fulfill whatever life expansion I was seeking at that time. I thought for sure six months would do the trick!

Every session bridged a gap that perpetuated my understanding of "awareness." Eight years later, my commitment to myself is to continue these Conscious Transformation practices as an opportunity to develop transcendence.

Early on in these sessions, the topic of "resistance" was unfolding in an embarrassing way. I did not want to admit to Joey the resistance I was beginning to feel right before going to one of his programs. True to form, he humbly revealed to me his own experience of resistance before traveling to see one of his acclaimed teachers many years ago. He shared his knowing that the more the resistance, the greater the opportunity of personal growth! His own recognition of this resistance to attending a program lasted a very short time and his grasp of the concept became a teaching tool where the "energy of resistance" appears in countless places of everyday life, until we choose otherwise.

I personally noticed, the bigger my resistance, the more I gained from the weekend intensives. I was finally able to welcome these experiences as "opportunities" for the expansion I was seeking from the beginning of my studies with Joey and Conscious Transformation.

Another "aha" moment was that no matter what I was up to, it was a "practice" of awareness with what I was up to! In other words, why not embody the awareness of those spaces in life where the opportunities inside of resistance lie? These patterns of resistance are merely a litmus test to reveal stagnant behavior that no longer needs to be tolerated.

The discomfort of any resistance would show up consistently in three ways:

Mental: the thoughts and stories about why I do not want to do something, or should I say the excuses Emotional: always fear-related emotions like anxiety, insecurity or unworthiness Physical: the uneasiness manifested usually as a shortness of breath and an impatience palpating in my solar plexus

Just yesterday I spent some time with a gentleman that was my employee from years ago. He shared with me his cancerous illness that brought him to his knees. He was ready to let go due to the pain and suffering. He admitted to me the resistance he had in the past to studying any type of personal growth, spirituality or meditation program. He referred to it as "hoohaa" and that he couldn’t see the trees for the forest in his own comfort zone. As a last resort, he began to study with Mandy, one of Joey’s trainers. His tearful recognition of his own internal resistance has now embellished into life’s possibilities that were a total unknown in the past. His tears turned into a smile of gratitude for his own awareness of resistance becoming awareness of opportunities.

The stories go on. Several of my mentees that were going for their Level 1 Energy Practitioner certification would have their moments of resistance, asking, why am I really doing this? After completing the training year, each one had similar results: gratitude for the awareness of how their personality can hold them back, the opportunity for personal growth and the gift of knowing selfless service and fulfillment.

I believe we all go through these human moments, asking, why am I doing this? I have found it helpful to follow up with this exercise:

What is my state? – Meaning my thoughts, emotions and physical sensations?

Is my state fear-based or love-based?

If my state is a fear-based emotion, shift it first to an emotion that aligns with my vision.

Then ask, what is my lesson; what is my opportunity?

Taking the time to ask these questions will reveal where we are and the "why."

Over the years, I have observed the ongoing "excellence" experienced by hundreds of individuals who have diligently practiced the lifestyle tools taught by Joey. Thousands worldwide, that I have not met, have committed to their own search using Conscious Transformation practices, seeing clearly their own patterns of resistance, and now resulting in their own excellence.

When these, now little, resistive moments occur, they are short-lived with help right around the corner by digging into my own personal archive of how to immediately create an opening of personal evolution.

Discover your opportunity for personal growth!

Sign up for one of the weekend programs to explore Power of Focus, Power of Emotion, Power of Vision, Power of Intuition.

Julie is a certified trainer and Conscious Transformation energy practitioner with a practice in Morrison, Colorado. Known for the nurturing, unconditional care she gives her clients, Julie’s gratifying practice is a testament to her compassionate nature and business-oriented mind.

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