Tantra Is Not Hedonism | Core Spirit
September 26

Tantra Is Not Hedonism

This is truly a tantric teaching – to release all of our fears and beliefs that limit us so that we can live our true life. So that the beliefs of our parents and the culture we were raised in don’t put blinders on us and we miss out on what we are really supposed to be doing.

The key is to remember that tantra is a spiritual tradition and spiritual traditions are always about attaining full communion with God (whatever you understand this to be).

Within this connection, we are able to hear the guidance for our path. We then trust completely in this connection and take a leaps of faith – over and over again.

It is in this listening and taking action, regardless of our fears, that transformation happens. It’s having brand-new experiences outside of our comfort zone that stretches us and grows us in a whole new way.