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February 17

Take A # 21 Days Smile Challenge

Heya ,

Greetings …

Lavanya Da Babe here… lol

I got so excited and I had such a deep revelation in the first day of my smile challenge that I had to write this article !!

Listen :)

what just happened yesterday. So, I was reading this book by Norman Cousins - Anatomy of an illness . The author spoke of his nurse making him laugh and how he felt a shift in the join pain inflammation. For some reason I wanted to experiment it as well. I chose to smile for 15 minutes . I have flat feet and I am currently becoming slim…. get the point…. So basically, whenever I walk of workout my right ankle hurts . But, yesterday something weird happened! When I smiled for 15 minutes straight the pain I had vanished!!!! Ironically enough in the book guess what did I read today morning…. come… see….

“In the first chapter, I wrote about the ability of

laughter to reduce the inflammation in my joints,

confirmed by a reduction in the sedimentation rate

both sustained and cumulative. Did this mean that

laughter stimulated the endorphins? An interesting

experiment in this direction was undertaken by a Japanese doctor in Tokyo, who incorporated laughter

into the treatment of tuberculous patients. The ac- count of the experiment said that he was able to demonstrate to his own satisfaction that laughter was therapeutic and figured in the improvement of his

patients. “

The Book is ”Anatomy Of An Illness” by Norman Cousins!

hmmmmmm so some benefits of smiling :D

1 - Heals Inflammation when does on regular basis.

2 - Diffuses negative words inside mind not in others mouth lol…

**Try this now -**“Say, I am fat or ugly in your mind ” while faking a smile…. keep smiling while saying it…. it will diffuse the negative words!!!! yes yes.

So, if your brain doesn’t know how to shut up the crap inner dialoguing just smile for 15 minutes not only will with shut up. You will also feel physically better.

3 - Pain is not your enemy but your friend. Its body’s way of communicating and bringing your attention to the physical and spiritual cause of the pain .

4 - Dr. Lee Berk of Loma Linda University in California (USA), which showed that regular laughter reduced stress and had a positive impact on the immune system.

5 - It makes you look like a pleasant person and approachable. Meaning more people to move around with.

6 - I remember I learnt a visualization few years back where they said to visualize all seven major glands smiling. I think it was part of SUJOK SMILE THERAPY. Finally it comes down to one thing our subconcious can be fooled just by faking a smile.

7 - Just few days ago I wrote an article on increasing your vibration. In the article I discussed about how every human emotion has been measured in frequencies. The frequency of love is 500 where as the frequency of Joy is 540! Just imagine joy is a higher frequency than love. The faking a smile may not fix your broken life but it sure has the capability to calm you down and help you think straight. Meanwhile it was also initiate healing.

8 - I was surprised to learn that the body cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter. It concluded that if one could not

manage a genuine laugh, one should pretend to do so. I also learnt that not only laughter but a bodily expression of any motion generates a similar emotion in the mind.

9 - I am reading a book on laughter right now and I just read a review - the books name is “ Laughter Yoga: Daily laughter practices for health and happiness” by Mandar Kataria its worth a read :)

“ Lotte Mikkelsen, London: I started my daily laughter practice in 2008 after I was diagnosed with

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and have not stopped laughing since. This has had a major impact on my

health with no relapses related to MS. In addition, I find that the way I deal with life in general and

with other people has become more compassionate and kind. Laughter yoga has taught me and

allowed me to express tears, playfulness and unconditional laughter without judging others and

myself. “

this is mentioned in the book. the author also shares his ordeal of being called names when he started the laughter clubs.

Any how we some how find it easy to ridicule ideas and things which come for free or low cost. Its a no brainer guys look at happy kids they heal! You can heal but you need to practice few health routines on daily basis.

10 - Laughter is a powerful antidote to depression as it releases endorphins, or the feel-good hormone, and increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin which help maintain a good mood. Depressed people laugh rarely.

11 - Look for Triorigin Smile Meditation – it is a method of psycho emotional self-recovery and self-development that was created by Professor Park Jae Woo the founder of Su Jok.

12 - Everything in universe is a rhythm your heart beating is a rhythm the laughter will also create harmony and rhythm. You can combine it with a breathing exercise and after yoga you can practice laughter yoga.

13 - In yoga we exhale for longer than what we inhale so as to get rid of as much residual air as possible and bring in fresh air and more oxygen for the next breathing cycle. Have you realized what we do while laughing? When we laugh, we exhale for much longer than in regular breathing. Laughter while help you release unwanted air or residual air / carbon dioxide from your lungs.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of people suffer from depression worldwide. It is the leading cause of disability and sickness. Trying to cope with life’s challenges, people often find themselves alone. With no one to talk to or share their feelings with, they sink into depression. This

despondency is growing rapidly and has become the no. 1 sickness in the world. If you observe closely, you will find many elderly people in old-age homes who are depressed and youngsters who find it hard to deal with their careers or relationships. The number of suicides is on the rise and the inability to express emotions is becoming a cause for concern.

Being a hypnotherapist and Neuro linguistic programming coach I have one amazing tip for you. Visualize every single day as an extended self smiling gradually your new behavior will be formed and you will get primed for taking actions automatically. Meanwhile also visualize people smiling no need to remind you, that, you are also a telepathic being your energy will travel to multiple places at the same time. Read my article on visualization.

21 days will have an impact on your brain by forming a neural pathway almost like some new memory for an action gets formed and there is a also a familiarity that gets built. Brain loves familiar things and states. You must practice it every day for 13 months or more. This will ensure that it gets on an autopilot.

‘We have taken life too seriously.

Now, it’s time to take laughter seriously.’

If you don’t want to research on smile then just take a 21 days challenge ! Ensure you smile 15 mins to 2 hours daily . Eat healthy and sleep well. Let me know what difference did you witness.

Until then…

Loads of Love and Good Health.

I am smiling while writing this article and I hope my smile reaches you too.

Love Lavanya :)

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