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November 19

Secrets of Vampiric Energy Cords

You should know that energy cords are a major secret to success.   One wrong connection could change your entire energetic state for a day or a lifetime. You'll understand what I mean when I break down how energy cords work. First, what is an etheric cord?

How every being interacts with the world around them, forms threads of energy between the being and who or what it is interacting with.  The more powerful the energy, the more powerful the threads. The more consistent the pattern, the wider the bridge.  If someone makes a habit of interacting and creates repeating connections, then a cord forms. The cord between a mother and a child, for example, is almost unbreakable. 

Some cords are beneficial and positive. This is why they say if you want to be successful,   make friends with successful people. Their ambition and positivity create a network that is uplifting, full of open-mindedness and fortunate circumstances.  Their positivity is bouncing around between each other.

However, if you have a lot of friends who are small-minded, not pushing the envelope or making changes, who are content with their circumstances,  those energy cords will keep you vibrating at that level.  You won't get far if you are surrounded by energy that is self-limiting.   Stagnate energy could be flooding you  from all corners . 

What's worse, if any of these friends or family members are constantly talking you out of your "Big Dreams", holding you back, saying toxic or using emotionally abusive language to you, these energy cords can become a form of energetic sabotage. 

For relationships that you have long let go of, often the cords remain because sex and/or strong emotional connections can create deep and powerful bonds. You think of the person, feeding them your energy, or they think of you, reconnecting to you and preventing you from moving forward and progressing.  This is often the fault of the two people, as they desire or want something, longing for what they should have let go of. It becomes toxic. The very thing they want can happen next with the right person if they only let go.

Other etheric cords are created forcefully through psychic attacks, these are more dangerous and not natural. Sometimes people attack you because they are angry, or because they are jealous. Whatever the reason, it is evil and unnecessary.   Usually, entities are involved in these kinds of attacks, in addition to the practitioner implanting hooks into your chakra(s) and creating holes in your auric field.  These can create exhaustion, nightmares, obsessive thoughts, and even health problems. 

Despite the seriousness of energy cords, a lot of people aren't aware of them and invite vampirism into their lives unknowingly. They may feel off, or know something is wrong, but can't put their finger on it.   They often have to go through a major life upheaval, lose friends, job changes, to find new friends, and a healthier environment before things improve. 

However, with this knowledge of energy cords, use it as a tool to protect yourself from making the wrong connections.  Know that you have control over your energetic state and future, and will not let others gain control of your happiness and wellbeing. 

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