Reader Question: Reincarnation and Repeating Fate | Core Spirit
September 26

Reader Question: Reincarnation and Repeating Fate

Reader Question:

I would like to know – if a grandparent is reincarnated in a child does that mean the child’s will suffer the same fate (good or bad) as the grandparent? Or is this life independent of the grandparent’s?

First of all, let’s set a disclaimer no single person has all of the answers about reincarnation. The best we have is a guess, although an educated one.

To answer the readers’ question: people are not bound to have the same fate over and over again unless the soul is trying to learn something and needs more opportunities to do so. Once the soul finally experiences that thing which it set out to so – sometimes over many lifetimes – it moves on to the next great experience it desires.

So, you see, the answer is yes and no.

It’s yes, because the soul can sometimes endure the same fate, but only because it desires to get something right. It’s also no, because the soul can simply choose to experience something else.

Even though we suffer in our lifetimes, the endgame is always positive from the souls perspective. From our limited perspective we can’t understand why we suffer in a particular lifetime, but once you die or are in between lifetimes, it makes sense why you put yourself through the experiences.

Souls choose their circumstances before incarnating and the do it with the intention of experiencing life itself. If everything was all fine and dandy, then the soul would still be longing because it can’t appreciate that which it has. Our suffering sets the contrast so that we know that pleasure is pleasure and pain is pain.

In short – no pain, no gain! As one famous author said, and to paraphrase, a candle cannot know it’s own brilliance standing before the sun. It only realizes that that it is bright when it experiences itself in the dark, and then it realizes it is truly light.