Practical lessons we can all learn from the miracles of Chanukkah | Core Spirit
December 16

Practical lessons we can all learn from the miracles of Chanukkah

Don't just celebrate Chanukkah, “live it”.

Understand that very year we’re also experiencing similar situations on a smaller or bigger scale.

Make no mistake about it. Chanukkah, was a spiritual fight between the Greeks and the Jewish people.

The Greeks were totally fine with the “Logical” things the Jews were doing. But, were not okay and tried to stop us from doing things that are not “Logical”. The only reason we’re doing it, is because “God Commanded”.

They didn’t like it. Primarily because Darkness tries to hide Light.

By thinking that they are very advanced and knowledgeable, they falsely believe that they understand it all and that anything they can’t understand with “Logic”, is not worth the time, let alone sacrificing money for it.

“The Bigger the Ego the smaller is God. The Smaller the Ego the Bigger is God.”

This Means, When we think of ourselves that we’re amazing and there is nothing we can’t do or figure out, we leave no space for a Higher Power to come in and guide us. But, when we hold ourselves Low, we leave plenty of room for God to come in and guide us to a Happier, Healthier, Wealthier and more fulfilling life.

Where we don’t need external things, like eating Ice cream to be happy, only our happiness comes from our Mind, Body and Soul being fulfilled each on their level and our “Will” Being aligned with our creators Will.

Since the Greeks thought very highly of themselves and as a result, very distant from Godliness, they disliked and hated the light and purity the Jewish people bring to this world, so they tried to eliminate it by force.

This was the battle of Chanukkah and the miracle that we found one Pure, Sealed and untouched cruse of oil that brought back and lighted up Purity and Holiness again is this world for the years to come.

Today, we are facing similar challenges.

There are still people and a lot of them, who are trying to stop us from shining our light and bringing holiness and purity into this world.

We must not give them an inch let alone please them in any way possible. Because, when we do that, we open ourselves up to be swallowed into the Devil's stomach and it will be much harder to escape that rat trap.

Stay Pure, Stay Focused and Stay Healthy.

Mechy Weiss!