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September 26

Patron Only Teachings

A rainy day in Hilo, Hawaiian bubbles and teaching a bit of Taoism. Approaching the Times with Strength. Inspiration for Living with Hope and Strength in the Modern World.

Standing Up Rather than Standing Down

It is easy to focus on the doom, gloom, and problems and in doing so, you miss the opportunities. So many fantastic opportunities exist to improve life around us.

3 Traps

The biggest trap in today’s times is doing nothing. In comfort, people find it easier to wait rather than act.

The next trap is to push change outside of us. Try not to wait for others to improve the world.

The final trap is to over push change.

3 Actions

People seek big answers, and then do nothing because the answer is too big with no easy path. Instead three simple styles of action refine your life and enable you to grow to a better place in life. The three levels of action are: personal, interpersonal and community.

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