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Low FODMAP Spiced Christmas Carrot Cake

Demi Powell
September 26

Traditional Christmas cake is hard to make FODMAP friendly so I've created a delicious spiced carrot cake for my family to enjoy instead. I love adding pumpkin seeds and a low FODMAP serve of dried cranberries to help create a dense and filling cake. If you want to make this cake egg free you will need to use an egg replacer and swap the royal icing for a butter icing.

Decoration note: When you decorate your Christmas carrot cake make sure you use a fake poinsettia flower not a real one (the real ones are poisonous).

Note on dried cranberries: Dried cranberries are low FODMAP in small 1 tablespoon (13g) serves and contain moderate FODMAPs in 2 tablespoon (26g) serves. The amount of cranberries per serve in this recipe is less than 5.5g and is well within low FODMAP limits.

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